What we do?

Addwit is addressing the complex problem of Management of Family.

The Family System has new roles today – like never before – across most cultures, most geographies; new roles that no-one has yet been able to describe precisely.

Families are dysfunctional. Families are performing below their potential. Whereas the fact is, that the family is bedrock on which our skills, our personal traits and our guiding values take roots.

How will I / my organisation benefit?

Because the home culture and environment also improves productivity at work-place, so, Addwit Framework will benefit schools / universities, corporate sector, non-profits, local governments and residential complexes. Consider getting more information through our Free Webinars or Free Workshop at your place.

But, who / what Addwit is?

Addwit is a Community in formation. It is in safe hands of Arvind Agrawal, PhD. Hence you can be sure of only authentic and actionable content and strategies.

Get involved, send us an email on care@addwit.orgĀ – we do need energetic friends to join hands with us, ones who align with the cause.

Full-featured website will be available soon.