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Addwit Publishing has an undeterred focus on publishing books and digital programs (online courses and video magazines) that provide for development in society, education, business and cultural sectors.

We prefer writing style that is suitable for social learning (which tends to be organic and informal), rather than formal, academic style. Yet, the content must be authentic, and simply not the ‘personal opinion’ of the author.

You can be our author if you have something concrete at the intersection of – Experience + creativity + in-depth research + solution orientation.

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    Publishing FAQ

    Publishing to address / solve a problem, and not for sake of getting a tag of ‘being an author’. There are many problems in society, economy, education, culture, politics, policy-making, technology, spirituality, etc. that require implementable solutions from creative thinkers. That’s what we are looking for.

    In simple words, we should be able to define your publication proposal as – “The problem it addresses is ______, and the solution has been assembled by combining (1) _______ (2) _______ and (3) _______

    If you have an in-depth understanding of a pattern of problem in society, economy, education, culture, politics, policy-making, technology, spirituality, etc. – then we are keen to hear from you.

    We begin with an open mind. Original Thinkers like you define the problem and create a solution in absolute astounding ways – hence, we just don’t know – language, environment, agriculture, youth psychology, energy healing, reforms in policy-making, elimination of corruption, ancient democratic systems, contributions of Sanskrit… the list is long, and we are eager to read your proposal.

    No. We are impact publishing. Self help genre caters to individuals, whereas impact publications address society (collective) and policy (direction).

    Only if the story-line meets the basic requirement of solution-orientation; and is NOT entertainment centric.

    For a development/impact author, writing is a tool and not the goal itself. Because the process is complex, we cherish supporting such authors. Please review the self-explanatory table below to reach closer to decision of your next book project –

    Publication Support fees499903999029990
    Author copies (base for books up to 6*9’ / 200 pages*)604020
    Author copies (Add-on for book exceeding 200 pages)TBQTBQTBQ
    Author Discount (for sets of 20*x)40%30%25%
    Basic Editorial support (3 rounds of basic editing)YesYesYes
    Add-on – Advanced Editorial support (includes concept reworking, linguistic refining, review for Plain Language and review through panel of critics)TBQTBQTBQ
    Cover design supportYesYesYes
    Add-on EBook – personalized copy for each buyer (name, email of buyer on each page to restrict unauthorized sharing)299029902990
    Add-on – Addwit Author Training Course699069906990
    Managed Sales Fees (inventory management, packing, shipping, tracking system, customer care; % of sales)10%10%10%
    Author RoyaltyUp to 10%Up to 10%Up to 10%
    Dedicated Book Readers’ Forum on Addwit PlatformYesNoNo
    Hosting Addwit Live321
    Add-on – A6 size full-color flyers for book with QR Code299029902990
    OPTIONAL – Affiliate Revenue Program   
    Commission of sales of other print & digital publications8-18%8-18%8-18%


    • TBQ = To Be Quoted separately
    • [*] Normal, B&W printing inside + full color cover
    • Revision of this Plan pricing and services next due in January 2024
    • Quote for video production (for video magazines) and online course production is always given for each project separately because there many more factors to be taken into account.

    It is one thing to be talented; and another thing to convert talent (or creative solution) into a book, online course or video magazine. 

    Set up a meeting to discuss the following – 

    • Hurdles that impact authors may face
    • How is impact writing different from Self Publishing? 
    • What kind of deep understanding does Impact Publishing require?
    • Is ‘impact writing’ too difficult?
    • What kind of reach-out strategies are available for the impact writers?
    • How does an impact writer make money by publishing with Addwit? 

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