First Steps

Institutions, Schools, Corporate/SME Employers, Non-profits, Cooperative Housing, Social groups - You could excel further!

Organisations suffer because of unplanned engagement with people who matter. Do not let that happen to you. Addwit provides customised and dependable Framework for engaging with the Community that matters to you most - the Employees, Students, Parents and Volunteers.

FREE Programs
Get your team access to EVERYDAY new Mentoring Session, delivered to their own device.
Skills ++
Get them the SKILLS and sharpness they need, Content as per Organisation's specific scenario and objectives
Flexible, yet Compliant
Sessions delivered at their own device, yet you can monitor their progress. Separate dashboards for them and for L&D Manager
Mentoring they'll love
We listen, We observe. We trigger conversation. We get them to reflect and correct. They're never left entirely to technology.
Proven Methods ONLY

The Engagement Strategy will get everyone involved - Our Formula - L= R*O has never failed us.

All Inclusive

Skills to Psychology - we balance it all. Chauffeur to CEO - we mentor them all, Process to Cases - we simplify it all.

Without skills, wit and mentoring,
competition and life will pose surprises and situations that
no amount of formal education can deal with. 

And; sadly, people will be stuck...

We are easy to work with.

Never get stumped by life, business and career. Maybe your competitors / friends are already in!

Open Subscription

Everyday New session - YES

Access previous sessions - NO

Thematic Programs - NO

Fee - FREE

Validity - 45 days (+ Bonus; at times!)

Tailored OD-L&D-CSR Framework

Analysis of Collective potential

Analysis of 'Readiness'

Resource and Constraints Matrices

Customised Program Development

Customised Budget and Execution