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Pupil’s academic performance, Interpersonal Conduct, Character Building - Where are the roots for all the three? In home environment of the child.

The School is expert for scholastic - maths, science, language… Our Consultants are experts for organically correcting the dialog and culture back at pupils’ homes. Your school needs Expert Intervention. Contact us today.

Universities / Institutions

The world knows about education-employment gap. The nature of this gap quite complex. Youth may not express their real concern because of being unclear about it OR shyness OR lethargy.

In addition to the disruptive 4Q Framework for Employability Skills, we design custom online / offline programs ranging from English skills to Start-up skills; from Daily Mentoring to Pre-Placement Modules. Contact us today.

Corporations and Industries

Employee Engagement is much more than declaring ‘Employee of the Year’ or getting their article published in Company magazine/blog. Even at Appraisals and Exit Interview, they will talk what seems to be socially appropriate and nice; not the facts.

Today when capital and technology is available at par to every player, people culture is THE key differentiator. You need an expert. Contact us today.

SME and Family Businesses

Challenges and opportunities that you face as a small business are beyond theory and beyond a typical blog with headline - “6 Quick Start Tips for…” - It does not work. Owners of small business need techniques and hand-holding with a Mentor on their side.

With programs like ‘Inheriting Legacy’ and more, our consultants actually calibrate the process and align with factors specific to your business. Contact us today.

Non-profit Sector

The larger the reach-out, the larger the impact you can accomplish. For this, what is the challenge? Funds? No. Volunteers? Yes. When an army of volunteers do a legitimate work, ample resources come rolling over.

In addition to the noble cause, you need a ‘People Strategy’. Can you see the possibility with people on your side? Our Consultants will strategize and accelerate. Contact us today.


Struggling with bureaucratic sluggishness, corruption? Charged with new leadership and vision from top? Results and outcomes will DEPEND on the culture. Psychology and governance cross roads at some point. We at Addwit know where.

Get our Consultants to diagnose and propose a custom solution for you; your people and people’s people. Rules alone cannot do enough. Contact us today.

Families / Social Groups

Did you know that quality of conversations among family members mould child’s psycho-personality? Can you define the ‘culture’ in your society? Are these conversations and cultures taking us to the directions that we really want?

Get on track before it is too late. Ask our Consultants to asses Collective Direction that family / society is heading towards. Contact us today.

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7-session Refresher for Directors, CEOs, Policy-makers, Principals.

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Without skills, wit and mentoring,
competition and life will pose surprises and situations that
no amount of formal education can deal with. 

And; sadly, people will be stuck...

For your Organisation.

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