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Welcome to the Addwit Community. We are re-discovering the power of cohesiveness in family and teams. In the process, we fine-tune individual and collective effectiveness, skill-levels and culture.Read useful articles | Know more about us | Join Addwit Community 

Five ways to get sure you are taking good decision:

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    Programs useful for Families, Co-op housing / schools / Startup Sector and Corporate sector

    Addwit Edu gaps

    Parent’s Role for Child Education

    5 Sessions + Certification + 50 Points Credit (PAID)

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    Mentor Development – (1)

    5 Sessions + Certification + 50 Points Credit + FREE

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    Money – It Matters!

    3 Sessions + Certification + 30 Points Credit + FREE

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    One Decision for My Family

    3 sessions + 30 points + 1 certificate + FREE

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Subscribing to Addwit Community


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More Questions?

Joining FAQ

How can I get discount?

Yes it is possible.

Addwit Framework has “Buddy System” built into it. Read more about the scientific rationale about Buddy System). We have a clear reward-back when you get new friends to subscribe to Addwit Framework where you act as their Buddy. This gets you 10% reward back for first 3 buddies, and then 5% for next three groups of 3 buddies each.

Thus you get up to 25% back. It is practically not possible to Mentor more than 12 buddies personally, so we do not encourage ‘recruiting’ buddies for the financial gains – Addwit is not a franchise recruitment system.

Can I first get a ‘test-ride’ before…?

Yes, Opt for the FREE 30-day TEST RIDE

But why fees at all? There is so much available for FREE..!

We are well aware that there is a lot available for FREE on Internet.

That’s precisely where the problem is – we get so much that –

  • We cannot distinguish between content created by amateur and professional. Getting hooked to unauthentic material can be disastrous. 
  • We get caught in noise – there is no incremental sequence. This does not work because we lose time and track.
  • And the combination of two may cost us our personal progress.

Authentic content always comes for a price.(Read the case based article).

Because we know that you have already paid some price in form of time you spend with us, most of our content is FREE. There are free articles, there are free workshops, there is free Audio channel.

When you pay, it helps us. It helps because, as you also know, everything costs today. For producing content and programs as Addwit, we pay for –

  • Travel
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Audio and Video production – from scripting to final-cut: everything costs
  • Maintaining software and website
  • Doing free workshops and webinars
  • All the other legal and administrative expenses

In addition, we are committed to keep our services free from any distraction and clutter whatsoever. You will never find any

  • Banners and Advertisements in our site and Apps
  • “Share” buttons – we know how irritating they are. In fact, those ‘cookies’ sit in your device and keep spying on your activities. Not done.
  • Asking you to “follow us on Facebook” kind of stuff – we are committed for your privacy and security of your data.

Thus the contribution you make helps both – Addwit as well as you.

And, the amount for forever subscription is less than one-year fee for an average Kindergarten.

Please 🙂 !

We have a large group. Any bulk discounts?

10 or more? Why not! Please contact us. We respond quickly.

Can I pay offline directly into bank account?

Yes you can. If you are going through the shopping cart facility of this website, on check-out page, there is an option to directly to our bank account.

Otherwise, please note basic information below. After you make payment, please send us an Email ( OR WhatsApp (+91 84335 60250) with proof of payment and your personal contact details.(It may take up to three days for transactions to appear in our account).

  • Bank Account Name – ADDWIT CONCEPTS
  • Branch Address – Union Bank of India, Tiara Shopping Complex, HawareConstruction,Pvt. Ltd., Plot No.184, Sector 13,,Kharghar, Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra India.
  • IFSC Code – UBIN0554634
  • Branch Name – KHARGHAR
  • Bank Account No – 546301010051160
  • Bank Account Type – CURRENT Account

Addwit Framework seems to be very fascinating. Can I somehow get into the CORE TEAM or an EXCLUSIVE privileged access?

Core Teams are always built by personal connections. If you know someone in Addwit, it is possible. Get in touch now.

Is GREAT FAMILY program suitable for those who haven’t started yet…?

Thanks for asking this question. Very important one!

The connotation of word “FAMILY” in this subscription is not to do with biological term ‘family’ – father, mother and kids; but “the power of cohesiveness”.

GREAT FAMILY program is suitable for all – regardless of social status of – being married and having kids.

With cohesiveness every family wins – family of parents and kids, family of team members, family of buddies.

I’ve got yet another question…

Sure. Please contact us and we will attend to it personally.

Attachment (This is optional. Please attach CV if you want to be an Addwit Counsellor)