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Addwit Strategy 2020

Pandemic caused by COVID-19 has thrown away almost every standard pattern we thought about society, business, education, economy and self.

It will be hypocritical to offer the same that anyone had been doing so far.

No; we are not pessimist. It is a matter of calibration according to external factors. It gives us great relief to mention that the our fundamentals have been so sound that Addwit Framework still remains relevant and in fact, more valuable.

  • Universities / Institution / Corporations: We can assist you re-align teaching, training and stakeholder engagement strategies

  • Local Governance / Non-profits: We can assist you in community re-building

  • Small/Medium Business: We can be your partner in re-writing the story this point onward.

Contact us now. It is time to deploy collective spirit of overcoming.

व्यवसाय की गहराइयाँ और बारीकियाँ; सरल शब्दों में,

व्यवसाय उपनिषद्
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