Addwit gives you dependable framework for steering your organisation; steering your family.

The more the technology controls our life and business, the more critical HUMAN ELEMENT becomes. 

Solutions for Community Development

Active, Responsive Community

Do you have a leadership position in your community?

Do you have vision for your Community, but you are looking for a vehicle and road-map to take your community to next level?

We can help.

Addwit has a proven methodology to give a new direction to Community.

This Online Program (free) gives a detailed overview of Addwit Methodology. Join in now. Highly recommended if you lead a community, institution or family. 

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Expert Consulting for Organisations

Change Management, OC & KM

Business needs more that "training"

Our expert consulting partners artfully combine deep insights for people management with sector knowledge to assist business in (1) aligning culture and business goals (2) handling change management and (3) creating the Organisational Story.

In the long run, the three prove to be the crucial elements for segueing the (1) pressures from competition (2) leadership transition and (3) need for expansion and diversification

Download Addwit Consulting Brochure that outlines information on (1) three major categories of services (2) Examples of Projects implemented and (3) Sectors that we can cover.

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