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Welcome to the Addwit Community. We are systematically addressing skill gaps that directly control Quality of Life. 

In the process, we are taking up one by one - (1) Career Skills among youth (2) Skills with Money (3) Start-up / Business Skills (4) Skills for managing Family (5) Skills with English and (6) Skills with Self-management.

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Programs useful for Families, Co-op housing / Schools /
Startup Sector and Corporate sector

INR 1890

Addwit Pre-Placement Program for University Students

Addwit Pre-Placement Program is essential Online Program that fills the gap between education and career requirements. As a Program material, you will get a copy of the 350+page book titled The 4Q Framework - Campus to Employment, Employment to Entrepreneurship

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INR 2790

Addwit English (Part 1 of 6)

आधी-कच्ची आधी-पक्की अंग्रेजी किसी काम की नहीं अद्वित इंग्लिश सीखने के नवीनतम सिद्धांतों और पद्धतियों पर आधारित है - छह पार्ट वाला ये प्रोग्राम दर्जनों तकनीकों और अनौपचारिक बातचीत के माध्यम से सहीं और पूरी जानकारी आप तक पहुँचाता है

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INR 1490

Overcoming Personal Inertia and Plateau

The reasons smart, and capable people get stuck in life and career are -  inertia (inaction), or hitting a plateau (inability to see further). Could this be the case with someone you know?

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INR 1490

4Q Framework – Peer Trainer Program

In addition to whatever we discuss in the Addwit Pre-Placement Program, Certified Peer Trainer for 4Q Framework Program brings additional insights based on 200+ White papers, news and updates in area of skill-renewal and skill-deficit.

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INR 1590

Parent’s Role in Managing Child Education

छोटे छोटे कदम लेकर "थका देने वाले" स्कूल ले कई सालों को मज़ेदार और यादगार कैसे बना सकते हैं पैरेंट्स ? २५ ब्राईट आइडियाज़ २५ ऐसे केसेज़ - ऐसा भी होता है - जो हमें अपने चारो ओर देखने को मिल जाते हैं - इकलौता प्रोग्राम जो बच्चों - स्कूल - टीचर्स - पैरेंट्स को सामंजस्य में ला सकता है

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One Decision for My Family

ONE DECISION FOR MY FAMILY is a quick FREE program that will let you know why we need to monitor what is happening inside our own family in the concurrent times. Perhaps you will also be able to reach to the much-needed one decision that next generations will be thankful for.

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