Curriculum Objective

This Addwit curriculum is designed to introduce the 4Q Framework for career management. It is appropriate for students of graduation/PG level, as well as a good primer for high-school students.

Curriculum Rationale

  • Employability is complex. It is more than “getting a job” (placement) at the end of college. Students need to be aware about how and who of job creation.
  • There is more to the term “soft skills” than doing well in the GDs and job interview. The youth needs to be aware of ALL the skills that go into managing career, and the ups-and-downs it entails.
  • This curriculum is based on doctoral research and a book on the same theme.

Curriculum Units

Note –This is a curriculum outline. It will be customized as per the institutional goals and learning objectives defined prior to MoU.

  1. Defining Employability Skills
  2. Emotional Quotient and Employability-Skills
  3. Communication Skills and Career in Knowledge Era
  4. Employability: A Discussion
  5. The 4Q Framework
  6. Thinking Clearly
  7. How We learn?
  8. Understanding 89 Employability Skills
  9. Self-training Tools
  10. Tools, Techniques & Tips for Placement Process
  11. 4Q Framework: How valid it is?

Curriculum Pedagogy

  1. MODE OF DELIVERY – Program shall be delivered on blended mode (Online + offline) training.
  2. CREDIT AWARD – This curriculum is available in three modes – (1) as a full-fledged two semester credit course, suitable for graduation / post-graduation programs and (2) as a 6-session workshop, suitable for both, the school students of 10-11-12 standards and for students of graduation / post-graduation programs, and (3) as an FDP module.
  3. MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION – We are equipped to deliver the program in Hindi and English. For other languages, we will require support from partnering institution.

Text & Reference Material

  1. TEXT. BOOK / VIDEO MAGS – (1) The 4Q Framework for Career Management – Arvind Agrawal
  2. REF. BOOKS / MAGs. – A large number of other related articles, papers, books and other resources shall be used in conjunction with the text-book, as per listing with each chapter therein.
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Curriculum Partnerships

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