Curriculum Objective

This Addwit curriculum is designed to introduce the innate process that our brain adopts in acquisition of language, and while making usage of language. Thoroughly screened through the principles of linguistics, the curriculum imparts techniques that cannot be bound within scope of grammar-based language teaching.

Curriculum Rationale

  • Only methodology in the world that recommends unconditional respect for L1 + that uses the brain processes + one that uses the social process for language acquisition
  • The spirit of using language as a tool is imparted among learners, (rather than using English as status symbol). (There are sufficient examples where the person knows some English, but gets stuck in using it to her/his advantage).
  • This program is based on a 5-year long research that was undertaken during 2009-2014. One of the most noted research paper published was – English Skills: Can we Draw Some Conclusions through Scattered Concerns in media during 2006-2014 presented in ELTAI International Conference – Link – which was later published also as book chapter in Cambridge Scholars’ Press book – English from Classes to MassesLink
  • This curriculum can make basis for policy-making for language – both at personal level, and at state level.

Curriculum Units

This curriculum comprises of two parts –

Part-1 has 27 recorded sessions. This part lays foundation for the English acquisition process. Headings of few from these 27 sessions will give a good hint –

  • इंग्लिश: किसी की कॉपी करने के लिए नहीं
  • उसकी अंग्रेजी मेरे अंग्रेजी से बेहतर कैसे..?
  • अद्वित इंग्लिश सिस्टम के चार पिलर्स
  • परेशान करने वाले कुछ शब्द

Part-2 is an on-going series of practice sessions in form of a video magazine titled – Addwit Expression Builder.

Curriculum Pedagogy

  1. MODE OF DELIVERY – Program shall be delivered on blended mode (70% Online + 30% offline).
  2. CREDIT AWARD – It is suggested that this curriculum is used as a value-addon, non-credit course.
  3. MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION – We switch and mix Hindi and English for this curriculum.

Text & Reference Material

  1. TEXT. BOOK / VIDEO MAGS – (1) 27-session program titled – Organic Techniques for Learning English – Arvind Agrawal (2) Book titled Stepping Stones
  2. REF. BOOKS / MAGs. – A large number of other related articles, images, books and other resources shall be used.
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Curriculum Partnerships

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