Addwit Elite Mentor’s Happiness

Credits: Mimi Thian, Unsplash

At the core our work is happiness of Addwit Elite mentors.


Because they trusted the Elite Framework and assigned to it the value and place in their own style of management of family, career and business.

Before taking up mentoring for others, they gained experience of experimenting with what we discuss, and gained deep insights even if they were not able to implement certain aspects. It happens.

They become “family members” in the Addwit Community in true sense.

We know, it does not happen quickly. We are – all of us are – a bundle of “beliefs” that gets frozen over years; and to transition any part of it takes (1) open mind, (2) courage and (3) belief on the self.

That’s why we respect our mentors most. They are our true assets. Their happiness is at the core of our work. Our work has value only to the extent that they can see meaningfulness in the small conversations that Elite framework is made up of.

We are gearing up to express our respect for Addwit Mentors in three specific ways

  1. Giving them flexibility to choose how much subscription fee they pay – between a minimum and maximum level. Minimum is is what is cost to us, Surplus that they pay in excess to this “minimum”  helps us to add new initiatives.

  2. (As they progress within Elite Framework), rewarding their capacity to mentor others in a suitable manner so that major portion of financial load of subscription fee is returned back to them. (The progress will be tracked by system in form of regularity in viewing the discussions and participation in quizzes from time to time).

  3. (At suitable juncture in future), to structure an International Association of Addwit Elite Mentors – so that more organised regional and local initiatives and projects can be kicked off, of course within Addwit Methodology.

As you may be aware; we publish Addwitiya magazine based on video-conversations, books and programs.

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