Give good thought; Take good decision. (Photo Credit: Gabrielle Henderson)

You will agree that so much more and FREE information is available today than ever before – in form of books, blogs, videos, e-books, micro-blogs, etc.

Yet, there are more people suffering in their personal and professional lives; living below their potential; than ever before. (Sometimes, that includes us too).

The Gaps

What is the missing link?

The missing link is a mechanism of mentoring – a mechanism through which

  • We are able to access precisely what we need
  • We are able to connect the dots – see / establish connection among related points positioned far apart
  • We are able to cut through the complex language and jargon

One word is – personalized conversations; or; mentoring

The Drives

Three reasons you will be happy about your decision to be an Addwit mentor –

  1. You’ll anyway need to be a mentor in your role as manager or parent
  2. You will experience the sense of “purposefulness” and deep personal contentment
  3. When you just start off; initially you yourself and your family will benefit first. (That’s a Mentoring Law – We never ‘teach’ what we do not practice / experience).

In this Inaugural FREE Issue of Addwitiya Magazine for Mentors, in the session # 1.10, I have covered the six themes that 95% people need help with.

Mentoring is NOT ‘motivating’

Addwitiya mentoring Framework is quite comprehensive. It may become part of your routine.

Your engagement and progress is monitored through a “scoring” system. The scores appear with your Profile. You will also have few interesting projects on your way up. And, there are rewards too – from certifications to more independent partnership roles within your interest and plans.

Need an example of “project”? Here are a few

  • Awareness Density Index for a piece of vital information for a colony / social group (2 days)
  • Detailed project on 30 Cases from our own surrounding (may take up to 90 days)
  • (More personalized ideas based on mutual discussions. There will be sufficient guidance and support available to carry out these projects).

Give good thought; Take good decision. Mentoring can be not only an asset as a personal quality; but also a career option worth pursuing. Consider joining Diploma in Social Development Program

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