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We look for “quality” in everything that touches our life – appliances, apparel, acquaintances… And, silently though, Quality in the Life itself.

Quality of Life (QoL) seems to be distant – On one hand, it has been made an academic or “macro” topic; defined only by experts and economists, for academia and policy makers; and on the other hand, we seem to remain almost hopeless about it, and give up even expecting ‘quality’ in our own life.

Yet, the good news is; Personal QoL is not impossible.

Yes, Personal QoL is not impossible. Consider the following:

  1. CHALLENGE: We feel better about Life when we live perusing a positive, self-imposed, meaningful  challenge. This is not the same as “targets” given at workplace, imposed by organization.
  2. BALANCE: QoL is a dynamic state of mind – it keeps fluctuating. QoL is ‘sum-total’ of work, finances, relationships, health and Self Renewal. They have given it a name – Work Life balance. (That’s why Skills for Work & Workplace are so critical).
  3. INSIGHTS: QoL depends on what we know. (Yes, I know, you will feel little surprised about this). “What we know” – has nothing to do with academic, data-based knowledge; but with our own deep insights, and interestingly with what we know about what others know.

These few words about QoL can be invaluable for we, the individuals, as well as for the Organizations because they cannot go too far without ensuring well-being for their team members.

FAQ: Questions People Have But Could Not Ask

Is the “well-being” dependent on Spirituality? (I am not spiritual as such, but can I still have QoL?)
No (and Yes); the QoL does not need us to be essentially inclined towards spirituality. All we need is – sense of inquiry, so that we develop insights (#3 above) beyond the academic and cultural conditioning we have gotten so far.

Do I need to give up my job to overcome the pressures at workplace?
No. However, you may have to conscientiously assign to yourself a meaningful project that you pursue at your own accord. (#1 above)

…Okay; but I am frustrated about attitude of my life partner / boss / colleague / employee…
What do you know about what she / he knows? (#3 above)

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