ABCs: Addwit Buzz Clubs

ABCs is by-invitation-only initiative for Community Building; where we explore, share and act.


Today, new knowledge and awareness is being created at much faster rate than ever. The top-5% class wants to and needs to keep pace with it, but has its own limitations or gaps.

ABC fills the void of three kinds –

  1. Selection Gap: Among millions of books, blogs, talks, research papers and White Papers, how do we select what is relevant for us?
  2. Assimilation Gap: Sometimes language is problem, sometimes time is problem. ABC Mentors will make it easy for you and our methodology will make it enjoyable for you.
  3. Trust Gap: Formal education is under a big question mark.  Do we really trust it? Is it really productive, or counter-productive. ABC will bring you what you can not only easily trust, but also instantly use in real life.


1. We meet regularly.

  • Daily in your devices, with exclusive access and personal dashboard; with daily fresh idea or discussion.
  • Weekly – with Mentor who are the flag bearers for ABC in your locality. Mentors who have deep insight into Addwit System and who also maintain a small library.
  • Monthly – In a public place like hotel conference hall / public auditorium or a school classroom with live streaming.

2. We develop projects for rapid, directional and localised collective development.

The Addwit Framework of six key themes and Addwit Mentors help us form these projects.

3. We create local buzz.

Blending the power of technology with personal touch, we accomplish what is good for next generations – right culture, right habits and right skills. Ultimately, what else we pass on to our children?

We are carefully forming key teams in various locations.

Join  us in the next invitation when your friend invites you here. RSVP below.

  • Navi Mumbai – 3-11 January 2019
  • Chhattisgarh – 15-30 January 2019
  • Surat-Anand – 3-7 February 2019

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Navi Mumbai
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