Rajesh Khanna is renowned financial adviser of Mumbai / Navi Mumbai. He is a commerce graduate and has PG in Management from US. He had a successful career in apparel export industry, and at age 39, he switched from being CEO of a listed apparel export company to being an independent founder of his startup for advising aspiring, elite young families on personal finance.

In our conversation, we cover –

  • Three most common errors we make in managing personal finances
  • Three action-points that can get us started in right direction right away
  • How Rajesh Ji got started in taking control of his finances and personal life
  • What are those deep underlying values that guide Rajesh ji and people who are on fast-track of personal finances?

In Addition

  • News of the Week – signals of excessive greed and misuse of position
  • Expression of the Week – BLISSFUL IGNORANCE

Links mentioned in the conversation

Ashta Lakshmi – On Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashta_Lakshmi

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