Pratiti Dey is student of BMM Program in SIES, Narul, Navi Mumbai. She is talented, loves reading and painting. She engages in conversation on not-so-easy topics.

In our conversation, we cover –

  • How do the youth see the fast-paced world around them?
  • What is their world view in context of the future?
  • How do the feel internally about the cut-throat competition that prevails today?
  • On the face of competition, how does the youth define the SOCIETY?
  • With shared-time shrinking, and perception-gap widening, how can we boost up the communication within the family?
  • Does Pratiti keep any mantra when thinking and deciding about career and otherwise?

Expression of the Week –

FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out – Typically when we check our devices many times within an hour only to keep pace with what is happening around. It begins with desperation and ends with stress and loss of focus.

News of the Week –

  • The case of a businessman losing Rs 2.8 lac within seconds after he got a hoax call asking for KYC for the payment App
  • Check out the App developed and executed by Avantika Khanna, a young student of 17, the India Story App which gives a tour of rich heritage of Indian culture and monuments. Download links at –

About Addwit Rebound

It is a free-to-air weekly radio show sponsored by Addwit – the premium socio-nomics media company. The Show assists us to disrupt our week-ends through brief meaningful conversations; hosted by Dr. Arvind Agrawal

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