Sagar R. Chandni is Head – Partnerships at CIBA, Navi Mumbai. He is thoroughly engaged in incubation, mentoring and supporting startup enthusiasts through CIBA which is well-planned tech startup incubation center at Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

In our conversation, we cover –

  • What typically holds back the first-time entrepreneurs from doing their best?
  • Founders usually struggle between these two – clarity and capital. Any 1-2-3 tips for them?
  • Can you share some experiences from the Jagriti Yatra that you took up last year?
  • We cannot separate entrepreneurs or entrepreneurship from society. How do you define society?

Expression of the Week –

Narrative – what we strive for, the story or identity that we gradually create for our self / entity

News of the Week –

Supreme Court has observed that there is need to abolish gender based restrictions on women from Commissioned Officer positions in the defense. Detailed guidelines soon to be provided by SC.

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