जानिए सरस्वती के विषय में वे बातें जो शायद अब तक किसी  बताई | मीनाक्षी शरण जी के साथ बातचीत | In these two episodes of WEEKEND REBOUND of Addwit, few mesmerizing deep insights about Saraswati as river and a consciousness that existed in the Vedic era, and how it remains relevant even today.- in conversation with Meenakshi Sharan Ji

Meenakshi Sharan is entrepreneur – having restaurants and supporting artisans. However, the fascinating aspect of her personality is her passion for culture. She has directed the SARASWATI UNTOLD – an Odishi performance depicting the grace of Vedic era river Saraswati, the cradle of our civilization.


  • Why to know about Saraswati is vital?
  • People sometime consider Saraswati to a myth. Is it so?
  • What should an elite educated family know more about Saraswati? Is it all too much only culture and spirituality?
  • Why you chose the Odishi format of ballet to depict its grace?


  • Story of the origin of Saraswati
  • Praise & Mentions in Puranas for Saraswati.

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