As you are aware, this series of Addwit Newsletters started with a view to share my experiences and lessons of building a business from scratch – a business based on social research on unstructured yet scattered problems and finding solutions for these problems – problems that fall under the category of 800-lb gorilla in the room – issues in education, parenting, money, business and alike. In a way, the Addwit Publications and the Framework is a solution for the entire life-cycle, a personal life strategy system. 

But it wasn’t as easy. 

Basic question that I started with was – why do smart, intelligent and educated people get stuck or even fail in life, career, business and relationships? It is a pertinent question because today most of us are graduate and postgraduate, all of us have access to so many free resources on finger tips. 

In the process of finding answer to this simple question, and having dealt with thousands of cases, today after ten years, I have been able to classify all the factors and reasons – because of which we may either get stuck or may slow down in our life and career – into six broad categories and I have been able to develop solutions also – solutions that work in an organic manner – as simple, effective and organic as is an honest and meaningful conversation.

One of the six factors, one of the first findings was – people fail in career and business because of inadequate language skills. Am I talking about English skills? Yes as well as no. Don’t get me wrong – we all do know English and our own family language very well; we may even find talking about it to be a petty thing, but there are three-fold problems about our language skills–

  1. Even today, there are 85% + people who still don’t have adequate command over English. I can refer to David Graddol Report although that data is slightly old, but even today, a large number of people in our surrounding and in our network silently want to learn or improve their English, but cannot express their need or desire boldly because it will depict a weak side of their social reputation – क्या तुझे इंलिश नहीं आती ??? They may hesitate to express their need or desire to improve their English because either people may laugh, or even worse, when they don’t laugh and form an opinion silently. 

If you’re part of a school or university system, I can help you conduct a survey with parents and students, and surprise you with the findings. 

Question is – Do we suppress our weaknesses because overcoming it is inconvenient? 

  1. And then – Are we able to use the language as a TOOL to solve our own life problem, IF NOT, then we need to continue learning the English language – language as a TOOL and not as a medium for communication. Those of you who are linguists will get the clue quickly. 
  2. Then – the way language is actually assimilated into our thought process and personality is quite different from what is practiced under ‘normal’ methods – grammar, testing, academic syllabus, free resources and videos on the Internet. 

At this juncture, let me share a case – that I promised in a previous newsletter – 

  • Around 2007, I noticed that many of the youth, in metros as well as in tier-II/III towns get stuck in careers because of inadequate language skills. I took it seriously, dug deep into it – Drawing from my own zero-English skill level of my initial years, and from my research skills
  • Developed an ORGANIC system for English assimilation, and even published a Cambridge Scholar Press book chapter in the process.
  • The process of developing this ORGANIC system for English language assimilation took about 3-4 years. Having priced it reasonably, when I approached potential learners – their responses were mixed (as it always happens in the marketing). A large percent of them took it enthusiastically, but one segment would often say — “there is so much available for free on YouTube and Internet, why shall I pay for your program”. Obviously they used to speak it in Hindi – इंटरनेट पर और यूट्यूब पर तो इतने फ्री वीडियोज़ अवेलेबल हैं – हम आपके प्रोग्राम के लिए पे क्यों करें ??
  • I used to take it in stride; and maintained their database; and reached out to the segment again after a gap of about two years. What did I find? Their English proficiency was still the same. Why? They never used the FREE stuff available on the internet. 
  • Lesson – neither they wanted to learn English for FREE nor for a FEE. Deeper lesson – some of our friends want to remain as they are – some of us just do not want to realize the blind-spots and do something about it. This applies in the case of these few young students in case of English skills, and may apply to others in other areas of the SIX factors that I mentioned earlier. 


The solution that we have in Addwit Framework for helping people with English language skills is the Expression Builder program, which is based on video magazine. Some of you could be excellent Program Leaders  for this and help others in your network and your surrounding. Please check the blue ACTION box below this audio. 

I’d like to leave you with a few questions – 

  1. Are we getting it completely wrong as to how development, learning and assimilation actually happens? 
  2. Do we depend excessively on formal education or degrees – so much that thereafter we completely forget or ignore refining ourselves?
  3. Do most of us delay our “preparation for life” 

Do share your thoughts. Do share this information with diligent and needy people who want to improve their language skills – Use NSD5% (Newsletter Subscriber’s Discount for 5%). You may also share this discount code with anyone who may need help with language skills – to begin with. 

In the next newsletter, I will share a case on how ill-informed and impulsive decisions about personal finances could mess up our life. Money is such a theme about which formal education teaches us almost nothing. We at Addwit have a well-structured program. 

Bye for now. We will meet again someday between 8th-13th November. Enjoy the festive season and wish you new victory on the Vijayadashami. Namaste.


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