Addwit Money Matters – daily Video Magazine – Episode #30

Summary of previous 9 episodes where we have discussed importance of ASSETS, 4 categories of assets;

In today’s complimentary episode — Watch the 7-minute video on Summary Points —

  1. Business vs Busyness
  2. Get busy building ASSETS + buying ASSETS
  3. There is nothing wrong in being in a job. Profession and busyness can be two separate things.
  4. (A) Keep expenses low. (B) BIGG NO for buying LUXURIES and LIABILITIES; (C) Buy ASSETS, build all 4 categories.
  5. “Job is honeymoon till your boss loves you” – Know that “I NEED TO SECURE MY OWN FINANCIAL SAFETY”.
  6. Gradually develop the love and respect for the grace of being prosperous. Prosperity is not about money alone.
  7. MYOB = ABBP, ABBP = Asset Building & Buying Program

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