Gist of this week’s sessions, plus, the 5-point financial housekeeping. This is an open session – login not required. To subscribe to all episodes, please click here

Gist of past five sessions

  1. MoneySkills with money. Money will not help us through financial management, skills with money will. It is like cooking skills. If we know cooking, food finishing will not cause worry.
  2. The money words that we work with
  3. Financial Mirror
  4. Three Stages of Financial Psychology – the financial honeymoon, the too-busy-to -attend-to-finances stage and the mature thinking to see what directs the life is going, what direction finances are going
  5. The skill of making a deal – because is money is not just the numbers and transactions – Money intersects nicely with psychology, economics, culture, social process and personal values.

Five-point Financial Housekeeping

  1. Orderly record of all the transactions
  2. Maintaining supporting file for major transactions
  3. Filing Income Tax Returns regularly
  4. Avoid debts, avoid excessive use of credit cards
  5. Select a dependable Chartered Accountant

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