In the recent decades, there has been a flood of books and motivational speakers underlining the idea of positive thinking. They recommend speaking out loud, writing and repeating few positive thoughts like “I’m a billionaire, I’m a billionaire, I’m a billionaire…” 

I have reviewed most of this best sellers. These have been propagated and marketed very aggressively, and one particular segment, including the recent professionals, get impressed by these recommendations. But, in vain. 

After reading these books and empathetically listening to the experiences of readers; I present two missing points below. 

Being Artificial Does Not Work 

There is nothing “SECRET” as such in the idea that thoughts are precursors for whatever we see around. Because I thought of buying a cellphone, that device is sitting on my table. Because the couple thought of having a baby (or having that pleasure, outcome of which), there is a baby. 

The thought itself is invisible, but the outcome of it is something that we can see, we can touch, we can experience. 

So far so good; but what these books cannot explain is – why do we have different thoughts? In exactly the same situation, two persons discussing the same topic, have the same age, resembling qualification – why should the two have different thoughts? Where does the thought come from? 

Where does the thought come from? Intuitively speaking, thoughts are Karmic, they descend to our kind from the past we have had across many lives. Only such natural thoughts work for us; and not the ones that we artificially and feverishly shout – going by recommendations of the authors. 

Working with thoughts is exactly like working with Nature – we cannot bluff. 

Then, What Is The Solution

This second observation is almost like a solution to the previous point. If we cannot really manipulate through the thoughts, then, what options do we have? 

The solution we have is, to work on the self definition. If a person has self-definition of being prosperous, then all the thoughts, planning and actions will be in the line of prosperity. 

We can find people in very humble level to have very strong self-definition; and there are people on very high professional levels but having very poor self definition. (It shows up in their choice of words and in their behavior).

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