Think about it..

Do we use typewriters today?

Old-fashioned schools have become dysfunctional long back. We are carrying on with it, only because of its mass, only because we had no other options.

Addwit Prosperity Schools will prove to be one safe bet. If fact, we do not really have other options.

Addwit Prosperity Schools = home for kids of parents who entrepreneurs, SMB owners, investors, creative professionals and parents who are future-oriented … because they think and plan for their future differently.

Three Reasons to Become Addwit Prosperity School Cohort Director

  • Fair financial arrangement – \Reasonable Onboarding fee, Transparent operational expenses sharing
  • Close support from the top team at Addwit – We shall collaborate – at every step – Marketing, Technology, Research, Parent Engagement
  • Dignity, Cashflow, Progress – As the Director of the school cohort, you are in leadership position where all the three are in YOUR control

To get the onboarding prospectus; please send an email to giving your
(1) contact details (2) location and (3) professional profile

10 Reasons why Addwit Prosperity Schools will become foundation for the future of society?

  1. School for kids of business owners / parents who would like the kids to be business owners
  2. Active school years – age 6 to 12 only (Standard 1 to Standard 7)***
  3. No teaching (force loading) of high-handed (and wasteful) history, math and science, Well-calibrated system to map the natural inclination of the child
  4. Focus subjects: Psychology, financial skills, business skills, economics, language, Technology & Flexi-working, society and culture
  5. Post standard-7 studies on own, using best open schooling system of respective countries***
  6. Travel and activity based projects and presentation based assessment. Only detailed feedback, no marking or scoring or grading or “class results” as such.
  7. Mandatory – Upon the age 12, child to join a family business as assistant or start her/his own business / professional journey***
  8. Business and enterprise to be accepted as a norm of higher order, as a pathway for the Attainment of Higher Purpose of Life
  9. Child and the family stays deeply rooted in values and ethics that shape the life, and the meaningfulness in life-process
  10. School system designed for self-reliance (आत्मनिर्भरता, atmnirbharata) and prosperity, and not really a job-oriented profession (which is limiting in nature).

[***] Features in advance stages of research

Addwit Prosperity Schools: By the parents, For the parents – stands firm on Addwit Prosperity Framework