Is Society Sick?

This Talk was given at a University (in Surat, Gujarat) on 7 September 2018; and is based on Social Research by Addwit Go to topics – Case 1 : 00.50 Case 2: 05.40 Questions that arise: 08.30 Social Scene today: 09.30 It is affecting the next generation: 12.40 The Solution: Read More

Why I don’t wear any stones?

Do we fully leverage our capacity to think? Do smart people give up on thinking prematurely? Does this arrest our personal growth in some manner? All of get stuck. YES, we do get stuck. In one of the previous session we discussed three categories of relationships and how to deal Read More

Why Education System fails? Where is the Hope?

Why do street-smarts outsmart well-educated ones? Why do college drop-outs accomplish entrepreneurial success? Should we pause and discuss this once? Formal Education has become an essential piece of life-style. Just as much effective education can be, we see it equally failing – failing by itself, and failing the persons who Read More