The Addwit Curriculum for Vitteey Chaturya

Prosperity is more than finances. This curriculum is based on Addwit Money Matters – the video magazine, Series-1 (158 episodes); and many other resources. The aim of this curriculum is to impart Indic foundations for ethical prosperity. The curriculum is suitable as a non-credit add-on program for high-schools and colleges.

Academic Review for Addwit Vyavsaay Upanishad

FOCUS: End Users; Final Outcome Especially when the academicians and the experts are reviewing Vyavsaay Upanishad, then it is pertinent to set the context right, to set the lens right. They are requested to review the content and framework from the end-users’ point of view. Following considerations have gone in development of the Vyavsaay Upanishad…

मिड-कॅरिअर क्राइसिस सकारात्मक भी हो सकते हैं

कॅरियर में आने वाले उतार-चढ़ाव का उपयोग अगली पायदान में जाने के लिए कैसे करें ?

Migration, Pandemic, Tourism, Possibilities – Connecting the Dots

#tourism #village #migrants Tourism is less about the monuments and more about the experience one receives. Tourism is about creating experiences. Everyone wants to be elated, to be adventurous in small strokes once in a while; even the most introverted person – that’s where the opportunity is. Tourism can be “created”. The recent 6-week long…

आदर्श ग्राम एवँ कम्युनिटी विकास के लिए अद्वित मॉडल

कोई भी गाँव अपने आपमें पूरी तरह आत्मनिर्भर सामाजिक- सांस्कृतिक-आर्थिक इकाई बन सकती है | जनप्रतिनिधियों एवँ जन-पंचायतों के लिए यह एक आकर्षक प्रस्ताव…