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Our current focus is only to help organizations set-up stakeholder engagement strategy by thoughtful use of technology. This is in light of the Lock-down Period of 2020

Addwit Business Services - Our Approach

Top 3 Reasons Why Businesses Struggle; (applies to non-profits and Governments too).

Deep research, quick research or informal research – broad reasons for the struggle of businesses can be grouped together in three categories -

  1. Capital - Shortage & Mismanagement
  2. Low Skills & Grit of the Decision making Team/s
  3. Faulty & Irrational Internal Processes

Surprisingly, most more businesses and social projects do NOT fail because of the capital availability, but because of either the top-team or the systems.

Addwit can assist you in all the three areas. However, we took time and mastered the art of addressing the #2 above; because, as they say, “…it is the man behind the machine that matters…”

100% Confidentiality about clients and projects is our non-negotiable policy. It is good for you.

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