We are pleased to introduce services of Addwit Consulting. Few of the many ways we can assist your business –

  1. PROFITABILITY: Thorough analysis of the Potential Profitability; creatively adding new business verticals and revenue streams; diversification, forward and reverse integration.
  2. CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Analysis of the current culture of the organisation in conjunction with Training Need Analysis and Change Need Analysis.
  3. SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Conceptualizing, designing and execution of various training modules in the area of Role-specific Technical skills, Human skills, Managerial skills, Leadership skills and Technological skills.
  4. SYSTEMS: Streamlining the Financial System, Cost Management, Human Resources System and Public Relations.
  5. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Fine tuning the leadership teams both at investment / Board of Directors level; and at operational level between GM and rest of HODs.
  6. TECHNOLOGICAL SUPPORT: Providing readymade technological infrastructure for Online Training and Employee Engagement on a day-to-day basis.
  7. KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT: Publishing in-house magazine to cover the pertinent topics for employees as well as for key clients.

As a small, committed consulting team we are easy to work with. Download Addwit Consulting Brochure that gives further information.

Excited about possibilities? Get into action; Call us on +91 84335 60250 or send an email to