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Our current focus is only to help organizations set-up stakeholder engagement strategy by thoughtful use of technology. This is in light of the Lock-down Period of 2020

Addwit Business Services - Our Approach

Top 3 Reasons Why Businesses Struggle; (applies to non-profits and Governments too).

Deep research, quick research or informal research – broad reasons for the struggle of businesses can be grouped together in three categories -

  1. Capital - Shortage & Mismanagement
  2. Low Skills & Grit of the Decision making Team/s
  3. Faulty & Irrational Internal Processes

Surprisingly, most more businesses and social projects do NOT fail because of the capital availability, but because of either the top-team or the systems.

Addwit can assist you in all the three areas. However, we took time and mastered the art of addressing the #2 above; because, as they say, “…it is the man behind the machine that matters…”

100% Confidentiality about clients and projects is our non-negotiable policy. It is good for you.


  1. All the Addwit Consultants work independently.
  2. They work through clearly written MoU's and / or Proposals that outline the scope and objectives.
  3. As per the policy, they never charge fee in cash.
  4. They either have own email id, or will insist you on contacting via
  5. We work directly with CEOs and decision-makers, Intermediaries, representatives and agents may please excuse.

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