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Top 3 Reasons Why Businesses Struggle

Deep research, quick research or informal research – broad reasons for the struggle of businesses can be grouped together in three categories -

  1. Capital - Shortage & Mismanagement - Explore & Apply for Funding Options
  2. Low Skills & Grit of the Decision making Team/s - Explore Incubation Options
  3. Faulty & Irrational Internal Processes - Explore KM Options

Surprisingly, many more businesses fail NOT because of the capital availability, but because of either the ownership or the systems.

Addwit can assist you in all the three areas. However, we took time and mastered the art of addressing the #3 above; because, as they say, “…it is the man behind the machine that matters…”

100% Confidentiality about clients and projects is our non-negotiable policy. It is good for you.

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