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Common Questions

The key person behind Addwit is founder Arvind Agrawal, PhD, MBA, an author and strategic solutions expert.

He has been a hospitality professional, an entrepreneurship & business professor, a trainer, a social researcher. He has relentlessly put together the framework and foundations on which Addwit functions. A glimpse of his work can be found at this link.

Addwit is a bootstrap funded, research-oriented publication entity. We work with limited funds and resources. To give away complimentary copies is currently not in our budget allocations. Please make it convenient to buy copies with confidence; we have a transparent REFUND POLICY if you find our work not up to the mark in terms of the authentic and strategic solutions that we offer

Please send CV to We will revert within a week. We do not have a fixed cyclic internship program as such. Internship is offered on case basis.

Yes. We do have a robust facility. Please review all the features of this platform and take a test drive on this page.

If you feel satisfied, then we can take next steps for execution.


  • Addwit publishes best-in-class printed and digital contents and programs for social-civilizational development.
  • Become Addwit Distributor with or without inventory, and earn between 8-18% commissions.
  • No geographical territory. Transparent system. Settlement on 5th and 20th every month.






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