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Addwit Framework

Decoding Prosperity: Concept Note on the Addwit Framework

1) In the background

  1. Prosperity is “most befitting” response to any life situation -(Founder’s Tweet)
  2. Prosperity is something that silently all of us yearn for
  3. Formal education system does not (DOES NOT) prepare us for prosperity. (That system was created for mass-producing staff and employees
  4. Compared to the age-old education system that was designed to manufacture staff and employees, Addwit Framework is designed to create a self-reliant society.
  5. Addwit Prosperity Framework details below) is based upon a foundation which has been developed through years of action research
  6. Like anything that is new, Addwit Prosperity Framework (and projects based upon it) will go through three stages (1) complete rejection, followed by (2) criticism and objections and then (3) mass acceptance. We have already reached the stage-2 of this developmental journey.

A conceptually original work has to go through these three stages – rejection, criticism, acceptance. The illustration below is worth a thousand words. The ‘education system’ is so deeply penetrated into society and psyche, that it will take a while for a shift to happen; patience is the key.

From this Addwit Tweet

2) Prosperity: Essentials and Eligibilities

Prosperity is accomplished only when the following factors come to an equilibrium –

  1. Skills for producing a product or service that others require + others are willing to pay for
  2. The person has traits which make her/him worthy of ‘being entrusted with’ prosperity. These traits may be present since the birth, or may be acquired gradually by working upon it just as we can acquire language skills – gradually and organically.
  3. At the intersection of skills and traits, the person requires fair understanding of psychology – both; the subtle within the person’s Self and the gross inter-personal psychology – the interplay and chemistry of it between two/more persons

3) Prosperity: Six Building Blocks

At whichever level we feel stable and prosperous, it will take a mix of following six components – ratios may change from case A to the case B.

LANGUAGE & COMMUNICATION: A personal two-language policy and skill, L1 for staying firmly rooted in the culture, and L2 for connecting to the rest of the world. Addwit has a proprietary framework to facilitate language acquisition based on this two-language principle. Among many resources Addwit Expression Builder is worth a mention.

EMPLOYABILITY: A combination of SKILLS to do the job and TRAITS to mix well with customers, buyers and colleagues. We have a dedicated framework for raising employability that can be a good tool for management of entire career span. Flagship program and book / OR / BUSINESS SKILLS: For those who take the path of becoming entrepreneurs / assuming roles in family business. This is applicable for those who want to create employment in place of seeking an employment. At Addwit we have the Vyavsaay Upanishad framework for families in business, and an incubation program for those who are first-time entrepreneurs.

PARENTING & FAMILY LEADERSHIP SKILLS: To nurture the next generation, to establish values and behaviors anchored around RESPONSIBILITY, to set right examples. One of the founding principles of Addwit is – “The future of a nation is written inside the closed doors of families” We have a dedicated daily video magazine called Addwit Family Factor

SKILLS & RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY: While the ‘prosperity’ is abstract; the money and finances are visible numbers. We have a dedicated daily video magazine – Addwit Money Matters, and also a workshop – Addwit Vaibhav Sadhana Workshop – to establish the process of the course correction about how a person thinks and approaches the idea of money.

SKILLS WITH SELF: Self-management, self-definition, self-confidence, self-esteem, learning skills; all of us are product of the way we live and lead our Self from moment to moment.

SKILLS FOR MANAGING EXTERNAL FACTORS: The culture, media, politics, education and business to name a few are those factors that perpetually ‘target’ the masses. In the environment where the ‘information’ itself is quite distorted, we need to be skilled at segregating the falsehood from truth, helpful from the deceitful and loud conspiracy from subtle authenticity.

Please understand: the “prosperity” is outcome of self-reliance sustained for fairly long period of time.

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Addwit Framework: Suitable For New World Order?

Post-pandemic 2020-2021, all the ‘norms’ in work, business, society, economy and education have been disrupted. The new ‘norms’ shall be emerging slowly. The new world order will be based upon the following three in new level of equilibrium:

  1. Better managed families
  2. Better managed small businesses
  3. Re-oriented education system

The Beauty & Strength of Addwit Framework

Finally, few words about the beauty and strength of the Addwit Framework.

“FRAMEWORK” is a term used in IT Sector, implying set of codes that can be used in multiple different situations. They call it OPEN SOURCE – something like market, from where we get what we need, then, to that we apply our own preferences and skills, and make a tasty dish in our own kitchen.

Same is case with Addwit Framework. Generically useful solutions for development of family / community / locality are available with Addwit; yet, it can be absolutely personalized and customized as per own preferences and priorities.

This is the feature found in no other educational and developmental solutions tat tend to be prescriptive in nature – “DO THIS”.


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