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Addwit Glossary ⊕



Formal education is quickly forgotten after the examination is over. On the other extreme is ASSIMILATION when the newly learned idea gets absorbed (assimilated) into the normal social behavior and personal thinking / aptitude. Assimilation is beyond examination, and is transformative in nature.



Graduate Enrolment Ratio. See Literacy

I-G-P Model (Addwit IGP Model)

The Addwit IGP Model these connotations with IGP – the Infrastructure, the Governance and the People. Just as vital are the development of INFRASTRUCTURE and GOVERNANCE (policy-making, implementation and administration); equally important are measures for development of PEOPLE. The Addwit IGP Model considers development of people much beyond they getting formal education.


LDI: Learning Density Index

LDI indicates the density of population who are on a ‘learning mode’ By mapping the content, direction and density of learning, the future of society can be predicted quite accurately.

Literacy & GER

Does formal education guarantee that a person is “prepared” for life? Does Graduate Enrolment Ratio (GER) ensure that the youth is prepared for life? If the formal education is not sufficient, what else is required to leading a quality life?


Polar family

A family where the lifestyle or environment of family is defined in these patterns – number of devices more than number of family members, Wi-Fi, major active time of the day is spent on devices, family members cannot or do not spend quality time with each other on building bondage, discussing important topics and cohesively taking important family decisions. Polar family is next level disintegration of a Nuclear Family (which itself was a disintegration from the Joint family system).

Quality of Life

The contemporary definitions for Quality of Life should be – that experience or scenario where these ingredients are in right balance – (1) personal dignity, (2) vital relationships in family / work / business, (3) finances, (4) health, (5) promising future, (6) meaningful participation in small society that the person belongs to and (7) making incremental progress towards Higher Self Awareness. Addwit Framework is designed to facilitate accomplishment of these elements; and works best with segment of society that is typically considered as (and written off as) the MIDDLE & HIGHER MIDDLE CLASS

(On the academic level, QoL can be very complicated topic. Here is the Wikipedia article to explore further).

Social Learning

In addition to the formal education (from school and university programs); there is a lot we learn in normal social interactions – from culture to dining habits, from device skills to communication styles, from acceptable to non-acceptable social behavior to the basic approach to life itself. When we assess properly, the quality of life is (if not more, then, at least) equally dependent upon social learning compared to the formal education.


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