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Getting Organized ⊕

Getting Organized Mentally

We Need Answers

One of the basic mentoring / influencing skills is to have multiple logical responses for questions people have; for explaining concepts to them. “One size fits all” does not work simply because not all of them are same, not all the factors are same. Hence, we must be skilled at tailor-made responses.

Throughout the Addwit Knowledgebase articles, you will find all the multiple options to tackle same bottleneck and questions that people pose. Influence is in handling it well.  

As Addwit Influencer, we have to be sure at our own level that each of the following make exactly 1/3 of the solution:

  1. Addwit Framework & Resources
  2. Your Influence & Mentoring
  3. Their submissiveness and involvement

Our Role

As Influencer, our primary role is to get them to take one step. They may be stuck because of one of the three reasons – ego, ignorance or timing / indecision.

To do this, we may need to SIMPLIFY the information that we share in our books, programs and events, and / or TRANSLATE, ILLUSTRATE, give EXAMPLES, give them a REASON.

Patience & Respect

People want growth, but Addwit culture is not to push them too hard. Regardless of what their response is, we need to have patience and respect. When the time is right for them, they do come back; because deep in their mind they know that the Addwit is THE place to go when there is NO OTHER FRAMEWORK for mentoring the adults in concurrent times.

Time Allocation

We must keep balancing among these three –

  1. Learning from Addwit Knowledgebase articles, attending events for the Addwit Influencers
  2. Enhancing our own skill-set/s on that parameter of Addwit Framework that is essential for our own personal growth – influencing others by presenting own examples and experiences works best – “this is how I used to be / to think..” THEN, I came across this techniques in Addwit __(book/program/event) __”, and as a RESULT, today I do it this way….”
  3. Reaching out: this is where we earn the respect from others, personal and financial satisfaction – the proof f the pudding.

Ideally 4-10 hour / week works best, not compromising on other professional and family commitments.

Alignment With Addwit Identity

ADDWIT wraps up so many good features and possibilities that we should be able to see our own image in this name.

On any given point of time while reaching out to people, in order to help and mentor them for their own good, we may get a mixture of good and bad treatment by them. Being aligned with the ADDWIT identity will keep us in good energy levels regardless of the treatment.

The ADDWIT identity is packed with so many distinguishing features that we find nowhere else –

  1. Framework for management of life and family
  2. Prosperity-centric system
  3. Well-researched authentic products and programs, yet presented in simple and illustrated manner
  4. A system that is continuously refining itself
  5. A system that can stand any test of academic test, sociological test and empirical test
  6. A community in making that is rooted in timeless values as well as poised for the future
  7. A name that ensures that our own family remains cohesive and progressive
  8. ADDWIT provides and will provide the most essential emotional, professional and social security net that we all need at various junctures of life
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