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Good Beginning

What to expect from Addwit Influencer Program?

Addwit Influencer Program (AIP) equips individuals to combine Addwit Framework with their own talent and initiative so that they can STEER and SUPPORT individual and groups human development process.

In return, you can expect –

  1. Deep sense of personal contentment that comes from a good work
  2. Fair financial rewards and respect
  3. Personal growth for yourself

What kind of problems does Addwit Framework solve?

Very good question. The following statements will help you understand quickly:

  1. The gap between the ASPIRATION LEVEL and PREPAREDNESS LEVEL individuals face. Not to criticize the formal education system as such, but the fact remains that millions of youngsters are still not ready for career and life even after years of formal education in school and university. We took time to research deep into this pattern, and not only defined this unstructured + wide-spread issue, but also developed solutions
  2. With industrialization and corporatization over last fifty years, we have seen the society disintegrate from joint family system to nuclear family system, and now we can easily see the ‘polar family’ syndrome where members are family are not really engaging sufficiently with each other. This has resulted in (1) disintegration of culture and self-definition (2) the young generation increasingly feeling hopeless and at the loss of direction / purpose and (3) these resulting in visible social pain. One of the guiding thoughts that Addwit works with is – the future of family and nation is written inside the closed doors of its families.
  3. The next statement is worth deep thinking – We have systems in place for individual learning and development (in the form of schools and workplace training); but, do we have a system or framework for COMMUNITY LEARNING apart from the religion and media? Not really. Religion and media are time and again caught in abusing their influence and reach. This is where the Addwit Framework can be the GO-TO system: something that community and social groups will find very, very useful.

Is AIP suitable for me?

So long as you are prepared for the following; the AIP can be good option for you:

  1. An open mind to learn the “nuts and bolts” of the Addwit Framework
  2. Deploy the Addwit Framework for own development and for development of others in your connections
  3. Make the most by combining the imagination and leadership that you have with the developmental model that Addwit brings

To facilitate your journey there is an extensive training system which is accessible only after you have signed up for Addwit Influencer Program.

Given my profile, will I fit in?

The Addwit Influencer Program is best for those who have that silent energy with which they had been “looking for something meaningful” – something that does not build unnecessary pressure (like it happens in typical corporate jobs). The likely profiles that will find AIP suitable are –

  • Educated housewives
  • Teachers, professors, principals, trainers
  • Volunteers for non-profits
  • Managers who’d like to use their weekends for a purpose
  • Government officers, ministers, policy-makers
  • Digital Entrepreneurs and CSC-preneurs (Common Service Centers)

What is expected from me – time, investment?

The basic expectations can be outlined as –

  • Willingness to invest in a small physical / digital inventory of Addwit publications, programs and subscriptions (because we do not function in donation model or other forms of social funding; and there is good reason for it). The minimum first inventory has to be INR 9990 or above
  • Invest time in the “nuts and bolts” of Addwit System (detailed knowledge base has been created accessible after logging in).
  • Develop your own influence and reach-out – and, the good news is that there is no “physical territory” as such given the technological support that Addwit brings in.

How can I get started?

One of the three ways of your choice:

What’s in it for you? A meaningful discussion, and when it goes well, a 24-page booklet that gives detailed information for you to take an independent decision.

The Influencer induction take a few steps, and we will ensure that it is good experience for you.

Closing Notes

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