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Solutions in the pipeline ⊕

This sections enlists the projects we are busy giving final shape:

Currently we are working on –

  1. Cleaning up the language of Addwit Vyavsaay Upanishad for public launch: DONE
  2. Translating Addwit Vyavsaay Upanishad into English
  3. Converting Addwit Money Matters (video magazine – series-I) into a hardcover book
  4. Translation of Addwit Money Matters into Hindi
  5. Releasing the Addwit Organic English in a book format
  6. Introducing new daily video magazines – Addwit Family Factor and Addwit Diaspora Connect
  7. Launching a new product range of Addwit Posters
  8. Identifying entrepreneurs and solution-providers to on-board on Addwit Platform
  9. A megabook for life management – tentatively titled Addwit Yukti
  10. Identifying partners for Addwit Prosperity Schools
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