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Use Cases

Once we understand the correlation between social psychology and Addwit Framework, we will start finding the use cases all around.

Two elements of social psychology – (1) Everyone wants to be seen as good or happy and (2) because of #1 (previous element) plus many other factors, people (all of us) do not openly share the problems that we are facing – minor obstacles for which there is a solution somewhere as well as it is something that will quickly and visibly improve our own quality of life.

Because of this, people silently keep suffering – for many years and at times throughout the life.

Situations can be improved IF ONLY someone empathetically connected, helped them to feel safe in sharing what is holding them, and support them when they are taking baby steps to improve.

Now, with this context, we will start finding cases all around that can be improved using the Addwit Framework.

CaseElement / Solution from the Addwit Framework
The youth struggling to start his career even after years of university educationThe Addwit 4Q Career Strategy
Mid career crisis – workplace dynamics / career path transition / The Addwit 4Q Career Strategy
Transition from employment to entrepreneurshipThe Addwit 4Q Career Strategy / Addwit Incubation / Raising It Like Child
Families having various kinds of financial struggle – expenses management / load of EMI / cash-flow fluctuations / planning for future requirements / efforts not yielding adequate returns / disputes because of mismatch in style of handling moneyAddwit Money Matters
Youth and elders / ladies struggling because of insufficient English SkillsAddwit Expression Builder / Addwit Organic English
Parents unable to manage the child’s education and development processAddwit Family Factor
Cultural distortions in family due to excessive exposure to media, Internet and games, etc.Addwit Family Factor
Parents keen to connect with their roots on a daily and dynamic basis Addwit Family Factor / Addwit Diaspora Connect
Small business owners who are important for the locality, who will not consider going a B School, but who need to make some fine tuning here and there, in a very informal and cordial mannerVyavsaay Upanishad
Educated ladies who are home-makers, who spend their time in Kitty Parties for networking and entertainment, silently looking for something more significant, respectful (and, maybe, rewarding)Addwit Influencer Program
Digital entrepreneurs – people who are tech-friendly, who are enthusiastic to connect and help others, who are looking for something that adds value to their CV and time utilizationAddwit Influencer Program
Teachers who see this day in and day out that students and parents need lots and lots of mentoring (and not just the teaching and post-examination feedback at PTAs)Addwit Influencer Program
Social entrepreneurs and public figures who are looking for strategic solution for their locality’s development and prosperityAddwit Prosperity Schools

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