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Shaky Start

  • 0.0 2006:
    Started with no name, helping MBA students with English skills because their career ultimately depended on language skills (and less on the degree)
  • 0.1 2007:
    Self published a 120-page bilingual book: “Before We Begin To Learn English” with foreword from Rebecca Koschenderfer
  • 0.2 2007-2009:
    Failed in scaling up as a registered non-profit
  • 0.3 2009-2010:
    Continued in the background researching into (1) why people cannot learn English successfully (in spite of so many FREE resources now available on the Internet); (2) how English is being taught and (3) various other dimensions of language acquisition process that is known in linguistics but not reaching the masses
    Realized the gravity and complexity of problem on hand. Almost gave up; except volunteering for few non-profits here and there.
  • 0.4 2010-2012:
    In process of working for addressing English skills concern, realized the menace of employability skills too.
  • 0.5 2013:
    Enrolled for a formal research (doctoral research) in area of employability skill among higher-education students.

Temporary Diversion

  • 1.0 2011-2014:
    Continued with social research using vehicles like workshops, public speaking, training & consulting assignments
    Continued with doctoral research on the theme of employability. Submitted thesis in December 2013, and successfully defended in January 2014
    In this process, developed the 4Q Framework for employability
  • 1.1 2010-2012:
    failed rapidly using the weak brand names like Bhasha and APlus
  • 1.2 2010-2015:
    Published eight research papers on various related themes on national / international conferences
    Continued also with workshops, public speaking, training & consulting assignments; and reached a conclusion that parenting and management of family is yet another silent crisis that people are facing but are unable to talk about it.
  • 1.3 2009-2010:
    Did the trial-runs to see how effective the 4Q Framework for employability is, through a full-time University association
  • 1.4 2014-2015:
    Tried to publish a book on employability, and successfully failed to do so. Reason? Hired an external editorial agency who claimed to be experts in “converting the doctoral thesis into a book” – resulted in loss of nearly 175K INR with one lesson that no-one else can do the original thinking for the creative work.
    Postponed this employability book project for ‘sometime later’
  • 1.5 2015-17:
    Started to deep work on technology for reaching out.
    Got the domain for an appealing and meaningful brand-name – ADDWIT
    Still not clear about the business model; but, took a “burn the bridge” decision to work on it – on “let’s see what worst comes up” basis

Years Of Deep Work

  • 2.0 2015-2016:
    First major book writing project. Took services of self-publishing company.
    Sent proposals to at least three established publishers of academic book for a major book on employability
    Reached a tough conclusion that there is a niche for independent publishing company that blends the print and digital, that produces books and programs based on extensive social research, that provides solutions just not bunch of papers called a ‘book’
  • 2.1 2016-2018:
    Experiments continue with business model, scaling up model and technological architecture
    Published the book – 4Q Framework: Campus To Career – a 370-page material for 2-semester curriculum for employability training among higher education students
  • 2.2 2017:
    Published the 27-session online course – Addwit English
  • 2.3 2016-2019:
    Continued also with workshops, public speaking, training & small business & non-profit consulting assignments
  • 2.4 2017-2019:
    Explored a few possibilities of getting investment. Reached a conclusion that the swing-door model of investor coming in and going out will not suit the kind of business. (This was also an indication that the long haul is awaiting…)
  • 2.5 2019-2020:
    Published a major 512-page book Vyavsaay Upanishad for small business owners and social entrepreneurs
    Also produced the Mentor Certification program for Vyavsaay Upanishad – an online program (and forum) that gives access to 225 visual podcasts
    This started becoming increasingly clear that Addwit addresses six themes of social (widespread) concern – (1) language, (2) employability (3) small business skills (4) parenting (5) skills with money and (6) culture (including the social psychology)
  • 2.5 2021-2022:
    Published the video magazine – Addwit Money Matters – for skills and relationship with money. 158 episodes, hundreds of techniques and tools that can be used right away
    Clarity starts emerging for technological architecture as well as for product-line strategy
    Addwit Vaibhav Sadhana due for release in July 2021
    Hindi Bhasha Shuddhi Shabdawali (with commentary on rationale) – released in Aug 2021
  • 2.6 2022-Current
    Addwit Consulting spun off as an independent partner entity – Drut Knowledge Consulting
    Published – All-new edition of Addwit Vyavsaay Upanishad
    Group of SMB owners come together to establish a directory and market-place based on the ten fundamentals for ethical progressive small business with the brand-name NAITIK, the ethical
    Work in progress in advance stages for introducing framework for parenting & family management skills
    One of the next feather on our cap – using our parenting education framework, The3CSchool is being put together
    Story continues…

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