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Save many years of financial chaos and deadlock

The MOST ESSENTIAL video mag for young couples on family finances – internal conflicts, questions, curiosities and cases covered; along with techniques, remedies and ideas Series-I with 158 episodes.

Series of useful quick discussions on money.

  • Why we must start young to learn about money?
  • Hundreds of cases from around us
  • Techniques and tools for managing personal finances and family’s financial wellness
  • Psychological aspects of our thoughts about money
  • Terms and words about money that we must comprehend properly

Short, illustrated videos of about 9 minutes average length

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All Episodes Published So Far

Money Q&A (20): AMM 143

If everyone does business, who will buy / who will be in employment? And 3 other questions

Money Q&A (19): AMM 136

If business is almost like a machine to make money, why it does not always work? And two more questions

Money Q&A (18): AMM 129

Is it true that – most interpersonal problems are due to the fact that financially we are not on the same page? And two other questions

Money Q&A (17): AMM 122

Is the idea of Retirement Corpus really not as good? What are the perspectives that we may be missing? And two other questions

Money Q&A (16): AMM 115

My parents say that those who talk too much about money, stay away from them. How do I get them to see the point? And 3 other questions

How To Fix Compatibility With Money: AMM 110

How we FEEL and RELATE with money sits at the deepest level of internal psychology. This discussion brings the five exercises that will make us compatible with the idea and energy called money.

Money Q&A (15): AMM 108

Four money questions including – What is your opinion or take about the ES BI classification that Robert T Kiyosaki recommends?

Money Q&A (14): AMM 101

Why would have the divide of wealthy and not-so-wealthy begun to begin with? Plus two more money questions

Money Q&A (13): AMM 94

Questions about journey from a young person to an investor; about using Apps, about Crypto money

Money Q&A (12): AMM 87

Does the SELF DOUBT hold us back in making financial progress? And two other questions. Questions on money we had but could not ask so far.

Money Q&A (11): AMM 80

If money is so central for management of life, why people do not want to systematically learn about it? And three other money FAQ

The Critical Trade Off: AMM 71

In this episode – the ‘trade off’ between “what everyone is doing” and the direction of financial behavior.

The Hardship Challenge: AMM 68

It is the TECHNIQUE that gets us into the action. The technique for developing innate respect for money, in this session.

Personal Financial Mirror: AMM 62

We use a mirror to check how we have groomed up. What is the tool to check our financial scenario? Financial Mirror, in this episode

Money Q&A (8): AMM 59

Is RESPECT also a drive for earning money? What to do if the path to be wealthy seems to be too long?

Quite A Few Odds: AMM 51

This discussion connects the dots for past 5 episodes; and establishes why the effectiveness of financial strategies depends upon a person’s internal growth.

Four Kinds of Skills with Money: AMM 36

The purpose of this discussion is very specific – reminding ourselves that there are only four kinds of skills with money. This realization can set the direction right for many of us.

It Takes Work: AMM 27

To earn it takes work. This episode includes a formula that is at the foundation for building stable worthy assets.

Money Q&A (3): AMM 24

Unanswered questions and confusions may hold us back. Ask questions on money, answered every Sunday.

Microeconomics of a Family: AMM 15

What we know about the history of money has an effect on how we handle money in personal life. In this episode, how industrialization and urbanization affected our home budget? (Includes documentary – HISTORY OF MONEY).

Two Useful Financial Calculators: AMM 11

Two useful formulas – one for period for doubling the investment, another for period when buying capacity of money will reduce to half of its current value.