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  • Email - care [at] addwit [dot] org and addwit.org [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Phone - +91 9920992019 and +91 8433560250
  • Address - @ Navi Mumbai, India. (By appointment only. Please first contact us via email / phone).

3 things you can do quickly with Addwit

  1. Send a quick and original video/audio/written commentary or article triggered from what you read on our blogs
  2. Opt to be our Counsellor / Mentor / Ambassador in your city (Send CV using the form below).
  3. Give us a feedback / suggestions on our approach / strategy / programs and content.

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Addwit is one-stop solution for QUALITATIVE and MEASURABLE development of your Community, Institution and Corporation.

Addwit is a Framework to address issues related with (and skill-deficit caused by) dysfunctional practices and patterns in Management of Family.

Addwit is addressing the complex problem of Management of Family. Why? Because the fact is, that the family is bedrock on which develop (1) our skills, (2) our personal traits and (3) our guiding culture and values. We work through fraternity of esteemed counsellors who are facilitating and assisting families to become GREAT families.

Wait, wait... What's this 'GREAT' Family...?

Okay. If we have to 'define'; then, there are "Crisis' families, there are 'Average' Families and there are 'Great' Families. Now you get the point, right?

What is the long-term impact?

  1. The next generation is emotionally and intellectually well nourished.
  2.  Development - The future of society and nation is written inside the closed doors of a family.

How will I / my organisation benefit?

Because the home culture and environment also improves productivity at work-place, so, Addwit Framework will benefit schools / universities, corporate sector, non-profits, local governments and residential complexes. Consider reviewing the Addwit I-G-P Model or watch this video (4min. 30sec.)


Our Timeline

V1.1 2006
  • Noticed that students face problem of English and published first book titled Before You Begin to Learn English (now out of print)
  • Established website caretogrow dot org
V1.2 2007
  • Continued to test the usefulness and effectiveness of English learning system under development
  • Developed models based on participative and public speaking programs under a parallel brand called Wordspeak
V1.3 2008
  • From the experience of earlier versions started working on the skills required for workplace skills and personality development
V1.4 2009-2010
V1.5 2011
  • Extensive study of the work in various other parts of the world to understand the global scenario on work and contribution in area of employability and English language skills
  • Ground level working starts indicating the problems and  symptoms in the family environment and parenting skills, which ultimately result in the poor skill levels among youngsters
  • Also started a formal academic doctoral research to study and document then prevalent practices in area of employability skill development during professional educational programs in the campus
V1.6 2012
  • Organised dozens of public workshops and seminars and also a number of interactions and workshops in the corporate environment to understand various interrelated factors and forces
  • Moved from Bhasha to another brand called Aplus since scope of our work ]as expanding beyond English skills
  • Published research paper Experiences and Agonies of Placement Officers - Insights for Possibilities of Innovation in Management Education - This was first documentation of our studies about gap between formal education and skill requirements for real life.
  • Also studied the possibility of Corporate and SME sector coming forward through the CSR channel to equip youth. In the process, published Research paper titled Assessment of level of preparedness among CEOs of MSME for getting into Planned CSR
  • Yet another in-depth study was conducted in society - in four selected successful business communities to be precise - to get a glimpse of how exactly they seamlessly transfer the real-life skills from one generation to the next. Paper titled - Inter-generational Leadership Transfer Practices - A study of four Indian business communities
V1.7 2013
  • Extensive ground level workshops continue
  • Conducted a macro-level educational policy level review and published research paper Redefining Scope of Education for Human Development in India: A Reflective Commentary outlining major blind-spots like definition of ‘literacy’
  • Another Paper based on Action Research was published, titled - A study of English language skills of First year Management students in view of their employability
  • Also, tested the 4Q Framework for employability skills (that had been developed through doctoral research) and published paper based on its application - Application of 4-Q Model of Soft-Skill Development for MBA students
  • Published thesis titled Study of Developments and Challenges in Soft Skills Training in Professional Colleges
  • Started exploring alternative options for scaling up reach out
V1.8 2014
  • Moved from Aplus to Addwit brand
  • In our efforts to draw up an effective scaling up model, studied various business formats and published research paper -  Is ‘P-Commerce’ the Future of Business and E-commerce?
  • Yet another major recognition came when 8-year long silent study got selected for publication in Cambridge Scholars Press, under article titled - English Skills: Scattered Concern in Media during 2006-2014
  • Based on various ground level research mentioned above, Ideated the I-G-P Model and concept of ‘Social HR’ and ‘Social Learning’
  • Started setting up e-learning system
V1.9 2015 - 2017
  • Streamlined video production process
  • Clustered various solutions and programs into six basic themes
  • Documented entire concept into one major volume
  • Structured the business models and partnership programs
V2.0 2018
  • Narrowed down on key audience segment, the young couples and early-career youth
  • Crafted three partnership models one each for Addwit Schools, Sangathan Kendra (Counsellors' 'army')  and Institutional Partnership Program for NGOs/CSR sector/Communities/institutions etc. This was a strategic shift from B2C to B2B model, or to put it more appropriately a combination of B2B + Assisted B2C model
  • Accordingly, redesigned technological architecture
Journey continues...

July-September 2018

  • To establish the $Q Framework for Employability Skills
  • To shape up the book: Role of Parents in managing Child's Education

October - December 2018

  • Mentor Development Program for both the above
  • To shape up a book for small entrepreneurs