What we do?

Addwit is addressing the complex problem of Management of Family. We serve (1) high-potential families and (2) dysfunctional families. Why? Because the fact is, that the family is bedrock on which develop (1) our skills, (2) our personal traits and (3) our guiding values. We work through fraternity of esteemed counsellors who are facilitating and assisting families to become GREAT families.

What is the long-term impact?

  1. The next generation is emotionally and intellectually well nourished.
  2.  Development – The future of society and nation is written inside the closed doors of a family.

How will I / my organisation benefit?

Because the home culture and environment also improves productivity at work-place, so, Addwit Framework will benefit schools / universities, corporate sector, non-profits, local governments and residential complexes. Consider getting more information through our Free Webinars .

But, who / what Addwit is?

Addwit is a Community in formation; a fraternity of counsellors who are engaged in implementing Addwit Framework. Our Parents Counselling System will be of timely relevance particularly for Schools / NGOs and CSR Units of Corporate Sector.

It is in safe hands of Arvind Agrawal, PhD, MBA. You can be sure of only authentic, congruent and actionable content and strategies.

How can I get involved?

There are good chances that, to begin with, you can join us as Counsellor and (1) explore Addwit Methodology to the finest detail and (2) start reaching out to those who can benefit from this System. You may send your CV to us on the emails given below, or join COMPLETE ACCESS program directly .

Email – care [at] addwit [dot] org and addwit.org [at] gmail [dot] com

Phone – +91 9920992019 and +91 8433560250

Address – @ Navi Mumbai, India. (By appointment only. Please first contact us via email / phone).

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