Start a local / virtual Coordinated Discussion Cohort

INFLUENCE and IMPACT go together

Start a local / virtual Coordinated Discussion Cohort; begin with the theme of local need / your interest (Please refer to Addwit Framework)

Not a SYMPATHY based model

Addwit Framework adds value through high-value resources and programs. Begin with small inventory of necessary tools – Rs 6990/- or more. Margins ranging 8-15% paid upfront.

Work with a CLARITY and ROADMAP

Be the REAL influencer, touch one life everyday. All the necessary tools and orientations provided PLUS Customized, localized project

  • Using talent and time for meaningful project
  • Working for the cause that appeals you naturally
  • Working on the scale that gives you contentment

Addwit is different

Our definition for INFLUNCER is simple: a Twitter or Instagram handle with 1 million followers promoting a a derogatory product or disinformation is not an INFLUENCE but manipulation. INFLUENCCE is when you equip and establish one young person or couple for life.

In the world cluttered with noise and manipulation, the Addwit Framework is like that subtle voice from deep within – definite, directive and dependable. We may be going slow, but with right people, right principles, right projects.

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