A-EPTT is working for ethical prosperity – prosperity defined in much holistic and deeper sense. Know about A-EPTT Guiding Principles & Strategic framework. Find below opportunities and inspirations for partnerships & collaborations.

Addwit currently has the following curriculums that can be adopted and integrated with / without credit for student development. All these curriculums are academically and socially verifiable.  Partner with us.

  • Organic English – The Addwit Curriculum
    The Addwit method to impart English skills is unique because learners continue to equally respect the family’s language. This system is based on principles of social process of language acquisition rather than grammar based language learning.
  • The Addwit Curriculum for Employability
    Employability is complex. This Addwit curriculum is designed to introduce the 4Q Framework (developed through a doctoral research) for career management. It is appropriate for FDP, for students of graduation/PG level, as well as a good primer for high-school students.
  • The Addwit Udyamita Curriculum
    The Addwit Udyamita Curriculum is designed for gurukuls, vedic schools and universities offering programs based on Eastern Knowledge Ssystem. The curriculum prepares generation of ethical entrepreneurs practicing “atmnirbharata” through their own small / scalable business or cooperative enterprise.
  • The Addwit Curriculum for Vitteey Chaturya
    Prosperity is more than finances. This curriculum is based on Addwit Money Matters – the video magazine, Series-1 (158 episodes); and many other resources. The aim of this curriculum is to impart Indic foundations for ethical prosperity. The curriculum is suitable as a non-credit add-on program for high-schools and colleges.

In addition, A-EPTT can assist with a number of other talks, seminars and research projects in areas like (a) QoL for Kids, (b) Start-up Do’s & Don’ts, (c) Ethical Prosperity Skills for students, (d) Mentoring skills for teachers and parents – Contact

The Addwit Framework is (as they say it in open source terminology), available to all. Apply creativity to create customized solutions for the opportunities and problems that you care about. Scale it up in your own pace.

  • Naitik.org uses Addwit Framework for business & Indic economics.
  • Edupreneurs are creating The3CSchool using Addwit Framework for parenting and learning which offers two schooling strategies.
  • Sootram has been created deploying the Addwit Framework for family and culture; the platform helps them begin young – right at the stage of finding life-partner.
  • Social mentors are creating a system for helping families define and accomplish prosperity, using Addwit framework for financial wisdom. (In progress)

Create a solution that fits the Addwit cores – learning anchored around the life-position/role and something that addresses prosperity – in the way Addwit has identified it – few examples given above. Talk to us.

The Strategic Advantage Program (T-SAP) introduces (and alerts participants about) the SIX CRITICAL LIFE POSITIONS

CRITICAL LIFE POSITIONS are those junctures, which, when managed well, provide a person the STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE,  compared to those who are ignorant about critical life positions. 

T-SAP is suitable for – work-places, social groups and students of high school / colleges / professional & vocational programs. 

T-SAP is outcome of years of social R&D, and, is supported by a cluster of organizations working to create a community which is cautiously thinking and collaborating for adding QUALITY to life.

After attending the T-SAP, you may opt to enroll for The Addwitiya Community Teacher (ACT) Training. This will unlock a number of meaningful opportunitites as per your choice –

  • Get a dashboard within Addwit platform and create group/s for language skills, financial / money skills, business and startup skills, parenting skills
  • Adopt village clusters for a synchronized socio-economic-cultural development.

This experience will be personally elevating, and professionally valued. This way, you will be contributing to; what has been mentioned in the Geeta as, Lok-Sangrah लोकसंग्रह – what do the masses assimilate. What people know and accept, shapes the future of society.

Download T-SAP shareable flyer

  • Flexibility of format – It is of no use to form an opinion about people’s reading habits – that they read, or they don’t. People have a really varied style of assimilation – printed books, videos, e-books, online courses, curriculums, quizzes, and challenges, face-to face interactions, real-life work; and the list goes on. With Addwit, you can publish your thoughts and solutions (so long as it fits the Addwit framework) in blended, print, digital, phy-gital or project formats.
  • Life-situation based Mentoring – There are but a few ‘turning points’ in life where people require help – education, career & career transitions, marriage, financial decisions involving major investments, (and, in a few cases, during health challenges). We may have covered many, and we are keen to hear from you to publish something that can guide people.

This can help you create solutions for more specific cases that you’d like to address. Get in touch.

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