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Employability is an unstructured problem.
There is need for elaborate and authentic discourse among all the stakeholders.
Any methodology that does not imbibe the
Principles of Adult Learning will have limitation.

Calling High-Energy Students; Faculty & Recruiters; Institutions

4Q Peer Trainer Program with Dual Certification:

Even if you are a student today; the rare and real skill that will put you on fast-track in career is – being skilled to help and mentor other colleagues improve their performance. This is the main take-away from the 4Q Framework Peer Trainer Program. 

After going through this program, participant shall have

  • Ability to mentor others
  • Deep insight about work-place behavior of colleagues
  • Tools and techniques to facilitate others give better output

This is a blended program with about 200 online micro sessions and 3 offline workshops.

Dual Certification provided.

Ideal for High-Energy students

Take away

  1. 350-page book The 4Q Framework containing 11 well searched chapters in plain language. This book can easily be adopted as a Self-managed Career Strategy Tool for many years
  2. Two Certifications – (1) 4Q Expert Practitioner and then (2) Certified 4Q Peer Trainer for Career Skills
  3. Can start leading groups after First Certification

In addition to the book, the Peer Tr ainer Program will discuss

  • Techniques for Peer training
  • About 10 Global Trends and White papers
  • About 50 hand-picked articles from industry leaders and related news

INR.14990 7990: Sign-up / Download Information to think and discuss | Contact care@addwit.org

Dual Certification

4Q Expert Practitioner
in 9-15 days;
4Q Peer Trainer
in 60-90 days

Blended Methodology

In the Level-II (Peer Trainer Certification Level), we will meet through Offline Creative Workshop/s

Wise investment

ROI is definitely much higher than any other investment on self-development.

Program Director: Arvind Agrawal, PhD MBA LinkedIn 
Program Starts: Once launched in August 2019, the groups can start any time and it will move on self-paced method. The Program content shall be updated dynamically to keep it most concurrent.
Contact for further Information: care@addwit.org

Frequently Asked Questions: 4Q Peer Trainer Program

Go for it!

Participants get personal copy of this book - The 4Q Framework

The book presents a Framework which (1) has been academically as well as practically authenticated; (2) is based on Principles of Adult Learning and (3) can be utilized by educational policy-makers as well as young students.

The book contains 360+ pages, 11 chapters, 75+ Do-it-yourself activities and much more.

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