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Save many years of financial chaos and deadlock

The MOST ESSENTIAL video mag for young couples on family finances – internal conflicts, questions, curiosities and cases covered; along with techniques, remedies and ideas Series-I with 158 episodes.

Series of useful quick discussions on money.

  • Why we must start young to learn about money?
  • Hundreds of cases from around us
  • Techniques and tools for managing personal finances and family’s financial wellness
  • Psychological aspects of our thoughts about money
  • Terms and words about money that we must comprehend properly

Short, illustrated videos of about 9 minutes average length


  • AMM 1: Ignorance Hurts Financial Wellness – We look at the three kinds of ignorance that can hurt financial wellness. In this episode 1, we discuss awareness of facts as the first building block.
  • AMM 2: Relationships & Financial Wellness – How ignorance about relationships – the chemistry of psychology and personalities – disturbs our financial wellness.
  • AMM 3: Sales Lost for Bad Communication – A selling entrepreneur lost sales, lost money – because of ignorance about language and communication.
  • Four Words that Begin the Financial Wisdom: AMM 4 – The four words that we can call the ABCD of financial wisdom discussed in this episode.
  • Risk of Being in Comfort Zone: AMM 5 – There are three zones of financial well-being:  zone of struggle, zone of abundance, and between the two, the zone of comfort. The financial comfort zone is slightly risky zone, why? In this episode.
  • Prosperity vs Law of Attraction: AMM 6 – Money and financial wellness are areas of ACTION. How? In this episode.
  • Only Four Ways of Income: AMM 7 – All of us earn our income in one of the four manners that is described in this session. An interesting exercise in this episode.
  • Security, Freedom or Another Emotion? AMM 8 – Security, Freedom or Another Emotion? What drives us to money? Or, better still, what drives us altogether?
  • Differences – Work vs Reach out: AMM 9 – Business and money must be a matter of joy, and it can be – with minor corrections of thinking, isn’t it?
  • Fascinating Fundamentals of Business: AMM 10 – Story of a bear and jackal, and what lessons we get from there.


  • Two Useful Financial Calculators: AMM 11 – Two useful formulas – one for period for doubling the investment, another for period when buying capacity of money will reduce to half of its current value.
  • Six Point Regime for Financial Stability: AMM 12 – Two basics and five instruments for a sound financial scenario even if we prefer to stick to a steady job.
  • Magic of Starting Early (Exercise): AMM 13 – Starting early gives visible financial results. A workout for you.
  • Apartment, An Asset. Really? – AMM 14 – Is a flat that is purchased using a bank mortgage an asset?
  • Microeconomics of a Family: AMM 15 – What we know about the history of money has an effect on how we handle money in personal life. In this episode, how industrialization and urbanization affected our home budget? (Includes documentary – HISTORY OF MONEY).
  • 3 Changes that Discussion on Money will Bring: AMM 16 – Maturity, Focus and Awareness – explained in this 10-minutes talk.
  • Two Questions that All of Us Face: AMM 17 – Two questions that may hold us to even start thinking pragmatically about money matters, responded here.


  • Prosperity is Always Collective: AMM 18 – Ample material for us to connect the dots – competition vs cooperation, mid-career crisis, job experience good to start business (?), and more.
  • Profession is NOT Business: AMM 19 – Profession is about what we do. Business is about what works for us. Explained here.
  • Income come from Assets: AMM 20 – Two kinds of mindsets that define how shall we approach to the process of making money
  • Is a car that we own always an asset? AMM 21 – Self-control and austerity are first baby steps towards financial wellness.
  • Awareness About Net-worth: AMM 22 – What changes when we are aware about the idea of NET WORTH? The direction we take for managing finances.
  • Net-worth Must Be Positive: AMM 23 – Three side-effects of low net-worth – discussed with a case.
  • Money Q&A (3): AMM 24 – Unanswered questions and confusions may hold us back. Ask questions on money, answered every Sunday.


  • 4 Categories of Assets – Q-PIN: AMM 25 – This episode explains deep meaning of the idea – MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, and gives categorization of assets.
  • Decoding the OWN BUSINESS: AMM 26 – OWN BUSINESS explained once again with help of three cases and illustrations.
  • It Takes Work: AMM 27 – To earn it takes work. This episode includes a formula that is at the foundation for building stable worthy assets.
  • Financial Instruments As Assets: AMM 28 – The third of Q-PIN Asset classification is INSTRUMENTS – an excellent primer in this session. 
  • Network As Assets – Three Basics: AMM 29 – We all intuitively understand the value of contacts in general. But the three basics discussed here, will still help.
  • Asset Fundamentals in a Nutshell: AMM 30 – A gist of previous 8-9 episodes that discussed various asset building perspectives.
  • Money Q&A (4): AMM 31 – Do the Laws Of Attraction work for making money? And, two more questions.


  • Decoding Nature of Money: AMM 32 – With a sensitive observation around us, we can decode the nature of money, and see the interesting patterns.
  • Money Is NOT An Asset: AMM 33 – In this episode, we discussed why the money, the currency note – is NOT really an asset.
  • To Flow is Basic Property of Money: AMM 34 – Money itself is not the asset; money is a by-product of having an asset – Explained here.
  • Money & Emotions Are Correlated: AMM 35 – Inside this episode – Two types of financial mistakes; Three levels of emotional maturity with finances
  • Four Kinds of Skills with Money: AMM 36 – The purpose of this discussion is very specific – reminding ourselves that there are only four kinds of skills with money. This realization can set the direction right for many of us.
  • Decisions Are Bedrock for Financial Agility: AMM 37 – Decisions are turning points of life, and the number and quality of decisions control the speed and direction of our life.
  • A Glimpse of Grace in Money: AMM 38 – There is a non-personal, collective face of money that makes life easy and possible.
  • Money Q&A 5: AMM 39 – Three 0pertinent questions about self-discipline and its relevance.


  • Insurance Typology – Getting It Right: AMM 40 – In this episode – fundamentals about insurance that perhaps no one will share with you.
  • Calculation of Return on Money Spent: AMM 41 – This session towards the end makes an important point about percent thinking.
  • The Percent Thinking: AMM 42 – Brief episode on a vital fundamental pattern of thinking for financial wellness.
  • When Recurring Deposit Is Fine: AMM 43 – Includes a story and one experiment – a fantastic perspective for beginners
  • What Is My Money Doing? AMM 44 – This simple question has seeds for CLEAR financial thinking. Video inside.
  • Money Q&A 6: AMM 45 – Why do most financial literacy materials recommend us to CHASE money (?); and other two money questions that you’d not like to miss


  • An Anatomy Of Financial Stress: AMM 46 – What happens when we AVOID talking about financial stress and financial pressure. 5-minute video inside.
  • Before Starting A Married Life: AMM 47 – The most straightforward suggestion you may receive as a young person
  • Correlation Between Psychology & Financial Scenario Decoded: AMM 48 – One of the reasons for financial stress is – JUST ONE THOUGHT and then the psychological spiral involved with it. Decoded with help of a story here. 9 minute video inside.
  • The Deadly Sequence That Keeps Us Mediocre: AMM 49 – Just ONE fundamental about the tax law that ruins financial happiness for masses
  • Why High-profile Smart Friends Get Stuck: AMM 50 – WHAT WE NEED TODAY could be the biggest obstacle in WHAT WE WILL NEED OR DESERVE TOMORROW… Illustrated. in 7-minute video
  • Quite A Few Odds: AMM 51 – This discussion connects the dots for past 5 episodes; and establishes why the effectiveness of financial strategies depends upon a person’s internal growth.
  • Money Q&A (7): AMM 52 – Three participants questions responded; 11-minute video inside.


  • Fast Money, Slow Money: AMM 53 – 10-minute video drawing parallels between the two ‘layers’ money flows in
  • Not Everyone Wants To Be Wealthy: AMM 54 – Discusses the THREE BASIC DRIVES with which we approach financial / investment decisions.  11 min. video inside.
  • Building Blocks to Understand People’s Financial Behavior (Part 1): AMM 55 – How and why to ‘map’ people’s financial character (and save yourself from financially dangerous people)
  • Building Blocks to Understand People’s Financial Behavior (Part 2): AMM 56 – Two kinds of responses after we understand the necessity to invest
  • Building Blocks to Understand People’s Financial Behavior (Part 3): AMM 57 – Final part in exploring the DRIVE*THOUGHT combination that determines how we handle money and decisions about money. – 8 min. video
  • Two Separate Worlds of Money: AMM 58 – Coming on same page before moving ahead – on the basic values that separates the world into two
  • Money Q&A (8): AMM 59 – Is RESPECT also a drive for earning money? What to do if the path to be wealthy seems to be too long?


  • Baby Steps Towards Stable Finances: AMM 60 – Owning a car does not ensure safe drive. What does?
  • Words Get Us To Act: AMM 61 – And, the two prong strategy that we should have.
  • Personal Financial Mirror: AMM 62 – We use a mirror to check how we have groomed up. What is the tool to check our financial scenario? Financial Mirror, in this episode
  • Three Phases Of Financial Psychology: AMM 63 – Conditions and surroundings affect our psychology. The psychology then controls our decisions.
  • THE business skill that translates to money: AMM 64 – The most enjoyable and fulfilling part of developing the self for fast-track of money
  • From Mark-sheet To Balance Sheet: AMM 65 – Gist of this week’s sessions, plus, the 5-point financial housekeeping
  • Money Q&A (9): AMM 66 – Is prosperity for EVERYONE possible? And, why is money such a complex topic?


  • How does our financial journey begin? AMM 67 – Requirement, personal readiness and  perception of worth of the work – discussed in this session. 10 minute video
  • The Hardship Challenge: AMM 68 – It is the TECHNIQUE that gets us into the action. The technique for developing innate respect for money, in this session.
  • Developing Personal Financial Policy: AMM 69 – A two-sentence technique in this two-minute session.
  • Two Facets of Money Beyond Mentoring: AMM 70 – And the solution for these two facets. 11 Minute video
  • The Critical Trade Off: AMM 71 – In this episode – the ‘trade off’ between “what everyone is doing” and the direction of financial behavior.
  • Seeing Through the EMI Roller-coaster: AMM 72 – Includes an Excel Tool to work around your own case
  • Money Q&A (10): AMM 73 – Is investing in shares always a losing proposition? And two other questions.


  • Tax & Market: Two Traps To Understand: AMM 74 – Includes a bonus video on History Of Taxes
  • Where Does The Tax Money Go? AMM 75 – Tax money reaches government coffers. Why should we be concerned to know more?
  • Three Tax Societies: Where Are We? AMM 76 – The relationship of three tax societies is perpetual. We must make the right choice, the right move.
  • The Give-Get Cycles: AMM 77 – I wish I knew this when I started my career
  • We Need Both – Social & Economic Development: AMM 78 – And, why we need not envy the wealthy, enterprising class.
  • Who Controls Our Money? AMM 79 – If we (really) control, then, why do we keep struggling financially?
  • Money Q&A (11): AMM 80 – If money is so central for management of life, why people do not want to systematically learn about it? And three other money FAQ

This list above is about 50% of the total resources shared in this series-1 of AMM. Hopefully, this much information is sufficient to see value in subscribing the Addwit Money Matters Video Magazine (Series-1)

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