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(The Prosperity Workshop)

11 Online videos for demonstrating each step in Addwit Vaibhav Sadhana

Weekly video meetings / Offline sessions for discussions and Q&A sessions

Set right the fundamentals for Samruddhi & Vaibhav – the prosperity – for yourself and your family

Flexi-Fees: 5 Options

Options Registrations Vyavasaay Upanishad Book 6-months’ Access to Addwit Money matters Video magazine
1, 2, 3 1 registration Optional Extra Optional Extra
4 2 registrations 1 copy included Optional Extra
5 2 registrations Second copy – Optional Extra Optional Extra
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Frequently Asked Questions

These two illustration say it all

Yes, currently in the off-line mode, for minimum group size of 5 couples / ten participants.

The off-line version is definitely more intensive. It will be a 2.5 day workshop, reporting Thursday evening, concluding Sunday afternoon.

Earning money is about the numbers alone. Prosperity entails eight components. Prosperity ensures balance and overall well-being INCLUDING money and other factors.

Both YES and NO. Please read further to place things in the correct perspective.

It is not plain spiritual. Instead, we have given good references for the psychology and rationale behind the entire process of pursuit of prosperity. A pinch of submission is essential in the process of whatever we want to accomplish.

However, to keep information correct and complete, the workshop DOES involve the Principles of Karm and the idea of AshtLakshami.

The Addwit Framework for prosperity addresses each of the three layers of financial well-being – intellectual, cosmic and Karmic. Hence, when we are using the word ‘spiritual’, we are talking about the Karmic Principles.

Please either send an email to or speak with us on (+91) 8433560250

If you have paid using the payment button on top of this page, please wait for our email / phone (usually within 12-24 hours). After you have made the fees, access shall be given to you for Addwit Money Matters (video magazine) and / or copy of the resource book Addwit Vyavsaay Upanishad sent to you by courier.

This kind of coordination shall happen through email and phone, then, at right time, the workshop shall be available on your dashboard.

Workshop Units

Releasing Session Title and theme Duration
Day 1AVS 1 – What is VAIBHAV, the prosperity?42 minutes
 AVS 2 – Eleven Benefits of Addwit Vaibhav Sadhana27 minutes
 BONUS Session – Prosperity Readiness Quotient 13 minutes
Day 2AVS 3 – Demonstration – Steps 0-1-2 of Addwit Vaibhav Sadhana20 minutes
BONUS Sessions – Episode # 118 (+) # 119 from Addwit Money Matters36 minutes
Day 3AVS 4 – Significance of Integration With The Source7 minutes
 AVS 5 – Demonstration – Steps 3-4 of Addwit Vaibhav Sadhana38 minutes
Day 4AVS 6 – What is Sanskaar & Relevance Of Sanskaar24 minutes
 AVS 7 – Addwit Framework for Prosperity-Part 124 minutes
Day 5AVS 8 – Demonstration – Step 5 of Addwit Vaibhav Sadhana42 minutes
 AVS 9 – Addwit Framework for Prosperity-Part 2: The Essential Skills54 minutes
Day 6AVS 10 – Eight Components Of Prosperity32 minutes
 AVS 11 – Views, Next Steps, Wrapping Up, Dedication36 minutes
OpenOpen Weekly Cohort Sessions on Thursdays, 9.45 PM IST45-60 minutes
Day 21Certification Quiz (Optional) 
Day 60Access to workshop dashboard concludes 
Day 111Advanced Stage techniques & Certification (OFF LINE MODE ONLY)

(Workshop also available in Offline Mode, Please contact: +91 8433 560 250)


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