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Employability is an unstructured problem.
There is need for elaborate and authentic discourse among all the stakeholders.
Any methodology that does not imbibe the
Principles of Adult Learning will remain ‘incomplete’ in some manner.
Save 3+ years of struggle in the initial years of career

Calling High-Energy Students; Faculty & Recruiters; Institutions

Ideal for FDP & SDP

Complete Online Mode OR Blended Mode (Workshop + Online Quiz) 

Program Book for Each Participant 

Dual Certification

Institutional Partnership 

Dual Certification

4Q Expert –  9-15 days;
4Q Peer Trainer – 60-90 days

Employers’ Favorite

Certifications that pass the test of one rule that has survived pandemic – Employers love self-managed employees

Wise investment

Start at least one level upper than normal; save at least three years of initial career struggle.

Program Director: Arvind Agrawal, PhD MBA LinkedIn 
Contact for further Information & Institutional partnership:

Frequently Asked Questions: 4Q Peer Trainer Program

Participants get personal copy of this book - The 4Q Framework

The book presents a Framework which (1) has been academically as well as practically authenticated; (2) is based on Principles of Adult Learning and (3) can be utilized by educational policy-makers as well as young students.

The book contains 360+ pages, 11 chapters, 75+ Do-it-yourself activities and much more.