Frequently Asked Questions: 4Q Peer Trainer Program [SS2]

Participant FAQ

Yes, for exceptionally good participants we offer scholarship right at the point of selection if they are interacting through Off-line selection process.

For enrolling directly through Online system, you can search for coupon using hash-tag #addwitcoupon. Quite likely you may find one; try it out. Addwit coupons are nine-character tokens that you can use at the Cart page. It’s case sensitive, for example SNaG12345

If not, then you can contact us at

However, even if somehow discount is not available, consider this as an investment decision and be sure of excellent ROI.

Yes and No.

Yes, because mentoring coupled with business skills and experience can lead to a respectable career in Consulting either with Addwit, or any other renowned firm.

You can also start leading a group after mid-program assessment, which can open a revenue stream for you.

No, because being able to mentor and guide subordinates happens to be an essential workplace skill, an integral part of whatever we do.

Yes. Every discussion is being made available in more languages – in Hindi, to begin with.

Because English is an essential skill anyway, we also have separate program/s to help you to learn English.

What is better than being good employee? Being able to help other colleagues become more effective at workplace; isn’t it?

Now you know the answer. Notch up from the Day-1 at your job after education.

When recruiter sees 4Q Peer Trainer Certification on your CV, s/he is sure that here is one person who will be able to train and lead a small team with her / him right from Day-1

Consider the two as Level-1 and Level-2.

Expert Practitioner Certification will help us understand the depth of 4Q Framework. You will be able to see its usefulness for your own career. You will also start intuitively using it.

This level is based on the Program Material and multiple assessment quizzes and a pre-certification interaction.

After this Certification,

  • If you are a student you will be eligible to lead a small group of up to three peers / friends so that you gain some experience of mentoring
  • If you are an experienced faculty / HR Professional / practicing Manager, then, you will be eligible to lead up to 20

Peer Trainer Certification – The scope of discussions at this stage moves beyond the 4Q Framework, and we take up

  • Mentoring Insights and techniques
  • Current trends and news in area of Skills and Employability (which keeps you connected with employer’s expectations.)
  • Advanced level techniques for Non-formal participatory mentoring

Key methodology here is – work-based projects and assignments

Students can sign up directly for this Program via this link. It includes fee for both levels of certification.

Faculty Members / HR Professionals and practicing Managers need to send their CV to After validation, they will get a link to pay for the enrollment.


You will receive: (1) Personal copy of book – The 4Q Framework (2) More than 15 downloadable audio files and PDF files and (3) After successful completion of this level, you will get access to Level-2 of the Certification which includes workshops, additional videos, dozens of additional documents and reports


4Q Expert Practitioner Program moves through nine sessions – 4QEPC01 to 4QEPC09, as outlined below.

  • Day 1: 4Q Framework for Career Skills – Overview Chapter 1 + Self Assessment 1
  • Day 2: 4Q Framework for Career Skills – Overview Chapter 2 + Self Assessment 2
  • Day 3: 4Q Framework for Career Skills – Overview Chapter 3 + Self Assessment 3
  • Day 4: 4Q Framework for Career Skills – Overview Chapter 4 + Self Assessment 4
  • Day 5: 4Q Framework for Career Skills – Overview Chapter 5 + Self Assessment 5
  • Day 6: 4Q Framework for Career Skills – Overview Chapter 6 + Self Assessment 6
  • Day 7: 4Q Framework for Career Skills – Overview Chapter 7 + Self Assessment 7
  • Day 8: 4Q Framework for Career Skills – Self Study based Assignment #1 for Chapter 8
  • Day 9: 4Q Framework for Career Skills – Self Study based Assignment #2 for Chapter 9 & 10 + Self Assessment 8
  • Day 9-15: 4Q Expert Practitioner Certification Self Assessment 9 + Viva (if required)


If you have not yet joined the 4Q career Skills Peer Trainer Program, the your next steps are

  • Students can sign up by paying for the program here
  • Faculty Members / HR Professionals and practicing Managers may send their CV to After your details are validated, you will receive a payment link

This question actually brings us on same page! Yes, we ourselves gave this question a deep thought too.

I totally agree that employers don’t really care for what Certifications do you have… They may not really know anything about this, or any other Online Certification.

What matters to them is – what tools and skills you bring along.

So, in place of saying “I have this / these Online Certifications”, you should mention on CV one statement; for example:

  • Ability to assist colleagues with workplace skills (acquired from 4Q Peer Trainer Certification)
  • Ability to mentor juniors and colleagues for performance maximization (acquired from 4Q Peer Trainer Certification)
  • Equipped with tool s to ensure perpetual self development and assist colleagues for career growth (acquired from 4Q Peer Trainer Certification)

The institutional decision making process is complex and painfully slow, at times. Consider these three possibilities:

  1. The institution may have certain curriculum binding upon them, given by the university. We are working diligently for this Framework to be included in University systems, however, this is a process that takes time. Will surely happen, soon.
  2. There may be limitation of resources for planning at Institutional Level; however, individually you need to take a decision for yourself.
  3. YOU must start your career with right foundation; a good start makes big difference. You cannot wait for procedural delays that may take years to sort out.

We frequently hold Facebook Live and YouTube Live sessions where you and your parents can log in simultaneously. This session usually spans 45 minutes. We can explain various benefits, take their questions and explain the logic. Together you can take a well-informed decision.

These Live sessions usually happen on Friday evenings (8.30-9.15 pm IST).  Send an email to us on to get the invite.

Please send an email to We assure to respond within 48 hours.

If urgent, please contact us through +91 84335 60250