Career & Employability Strategies

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YOUNG PARTICIPANTS – A Dual Certification that can save up to 3 years of career struggle
WORKPLACE – A Module for Induction or Employee Engagement
UNIVERSITIES – A Credit Course / Bridge Course for Career & Employability Strategy
SCHOOLS – Early-stage Guidance for High School pupils and their parents

Defining the Core Issue –

Employability is an unstructured problem. There is need for elaborate and authentic discourse among all the stakeholders. Any methodology that does not imbibe the Principles of Adult Learning will have limitation.

HR Director’s 3 eternal & prodigal Challenges depicted below.

  • FUNCTION SHOCK – when a team player leaves; work suffers
  • CULTURE SHOCK – when a new team player joins; chemistry suffers.
  • INDUCTION SHOCK – when new joinee is not fit; payroll suffers.


To adopt the career strategy that works – for the work, for the workplace – The 4Q Career & Employability Strategy

The 4Q Career & Employability Strategy is simple yet effective method, built around (1) basic psychology of aspiration of growing within career and (2) its dependency on skill levels.

Student-Parents need to decide – if the 4Q Career Strategy methodology is not included in the design of academic program. Save up to three years of career struggle.

Dual-Certification Peer Trainer Program; Contact

HR Directors need to decide – inspite of the promising indications by the candidates and their institutions.

Include module on Career Strategies in the Induction Program for Freshers and in Employee Engagement Programs. Contact

Institutions need to decide – in light of the authenticity and depth in the options available to them for student development.

Download Proposed Curriculum for 2-semester Credit course titled Career & Employability Strategies

Download Proposal for Bridge Course on “Career & Employability Strategies” Pedagogy – Blended; Course Material – Provided; University Partnership – Contact

  • Access Sessions on your own device
  • Course material – a 350+ page book provided to each participant
  • Online Assessment, customized for partner institutions
  • Certification/s
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