Mutual! – Steps for Positive, Directional & Rapid Development

Years of education make us ‘competitive’ – we get designed to think only “I-Me-Mine”.
This is in contrast to cooperative and collaborative living.
“I-Me-Mine” also guarantees emptiness and helplessness in every important facet of life – from family to career, from emotions to finances.
MUTUAL is nine session online webinar that outlines –
  1. Productivity, performance, happiness: It takes more than skills
  2. Three primary and three secondary skills that control Quality of Life
  3. How does the ‘culture’ develop?
  4. What is an “unstructured” problem? Cheat code for every leader
  5. The 3 A’s – game-changing formula Addwit uses to fix unstructured problems
  6. Power of Story – How we make making of personal story a meaningful, easy, and enjoyable process
  7. The IGP Model – The Big Picture
  8. MUTUAL can’t change the world – What we cannot do?
  9. As easy as ABC – Using most natural qualities for the Big Leap
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