Addwit Elite

Addwit Elite Framework has been designed for Work-Life balance through methodical management of Family, Career & Business.

The Addwit Elite framework is available on life-time subscription. There are three options –

  1. Elite (C) – Suitable for those who are keen to get deep insights to be able to mentor / guide others also.
  2. Elite (W) – Suitable for Work-Life balance and Employee Engagement Programs
  3. Elite (Y) – Suitable for students and early career youth.

Get complete information in the inaugural issue of Addwitiya Magazine. It has 11 discussions of average 7 minutes each.

Addwit Elite is very scientific methodology that you can rely on. It comprises of –

  1. Video based magazine and online programs
  2. Publications of books that you will love to read and discuss;  and
  3. Off-line mentoring mechanism.
What problems will Addwit Elite solve? Why do I need it?

Good question.

Addwit Elite can solve these three kind of problems

  • Work Life Balance – We cannot leave it to employers; ultimately, it is our own life.
  • Sense of ‘direction’ in family – Without a well-designed framework, we may end up feeling frustrated about how life and family is shaping up.
  • Education – Life balance – It is not the fault of principals and teachers, yet, we know how irrelevant education as system is getting. We cannot change entire system, however we can definitely take control of our own micro-environment..
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