4Q Framework – Peer Trainer Program

Program Introduction

In addition to whatever we discuss in the Addwit Pre-Placement Program, Certified Peer Trainer for 4Q Framework Program brings additional insights based on 200+ White papers, news and updates in area of skill-renewal and skill-deficit.

Having this deep insight will give you not only an edge and complete control on your own personal skill-strategy, but also it will make you an authority that your friends/colleagues will look up to.

The methodology for this program is based on 12 tasks; hence please enrol with clear determination to give at least 8-10 hours / week for about 12 weeks.

NOTE: You will need to have copy of this book. You may procure it independently OR first join this program where it is given as program material.  

24 Sessions in maximum 75 days

240 Points

1490 INR

Digital Certification? Yes

Instructions in English