Addwit Daily

Addwit Daily Program is one-stop solution for all the skills and insights young people need for career, business, parenting, money and Work-Life balance.

This program gives you access to ALL other programs we have on Addwit (on making a requisition, without any additional fee) in addition to 700+ DAILY mentoring sessions streamed one / day over two years.

The roots of our personal efficiency has roots in (1) the Quality of Life back at family and (2) Clarity about critical matters that control Quality of Life. We cover it all in this program.

  • 700+ sessions of daily Mentoring on your device
  • In most amicable language – conversational English-Hindi
  • Access to all the theme-specific program you need (by request / by Mentor’s recommendation)

Ideal for families, Cooperative Housing, Corporate Employee Engagement Programs and Social Sector Projects.

One-time fee: INR 9900