Inheriting Legacy

  • Do you own a business from your parents?
  • Do you feel the excitement of being an owner, yet feel unsure of certain aspects of business and business decision making?
  • Do you see scope to re-structure and expand your business?
  • Do you get a feel that though all seems to be okay with business, but, there is "something" that needs correction - yet cannot figure out where exactly to start?

This program is designed exclusively for hand-holding the Business Owners who have inherited business now for second / third generation.


This program is a 3-part series addressing the following themes through 12-15 micro-sessions -

  1. Financial controls in business (Day 1-15)
  2. Steering People and Culture of the business (Day 31-45)
  3. Getting hands on with Marketing and PR for the business (Day 61-75)
  4. BONUS: Steps to re-structure business from 'traditional' to "contemporary" (Day 86-90)

Decision Points

  • Language - Easy English-Hindi.
  • Media - Video / Audio / Worksheets
  • Contribution - INR 4900
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring Support in Hindi and English
  • Certification? Yes (Digital)