Starter Pack

Three sessions to overview Addwit Framework and Platform for Community Development.

Session 1

  • Part 1 – Quality of Life and Work-Life Balance – Discusses what controls productivity and performance.
  • Part 2 – What skills control Quality of Life? Six skills that control the QoL
  • Part 3 – How does the culture develop? Skills are not enough. What else we need?

Session 2

  • Part 4 – What is an “unstructured” problem? Cheat code for every leader
  • Part 5 – The 3 A’s – Elements we use to fix unstructured problems?
  • Part 6: Power of Story – How we make it meaningful, easy )and enjoyable!

Session 3

  • Part 7: The IGP Model – The Big Picture.
  • Part 8: We can’t change the world – What we do not do?
  • Part 9: Is it good for me? Can I? Should I? – Decision points for you.

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Highly recommended if you lead a community, institution or family.