We welcome publication proposals from original thinkers. The hallmarks of our publication framework are:
  1. PSYCHOLOGY: We do not limit to print. The reading habits today are diverse, and most readers prefer Omni-platform experience – print as well as digital. We provide the same.
  2. DISCOURSE: A book has to be beginning of the conversation, and not the culmination of a monologue from the author. We help you build your audience conversation.
  3. IMPACT: Content can impact. We take projects that have an impact value. Book size does not matter – we have expertise in handling micro-books as well as mega-books.


Fortunately, writing a book is not the ONLY option for creative minds today. We can also assist you put together
  • A short live online program of 2-12 hours,
  • A forum where the subscribers access the content created by you on self-paced mode (whenever they want)
  • Excellent marketing and technological support from our side is assured, with fair financial model


How to submit a proposal?

Please send us a one-page pitch to begin with. Cover these points: (a) Proposed title, (b) Why this book, (c) Language, (d) Estimated number of pages, (e) Status of writing and (f) Expected date or month for completion of authoring (g) Brief bio and contact details for author/s. Please email your proposals ONLY to care@addwit.org with subject line: PUBLICATION PROPOSAL DD/MM/YYYY

What royalty percent do you offer?

Usually much higher than normal; ranges between 7-17%. You get a dashboard to drive conversation with your readers and book spokespersons; as well as sales. Complete transparency.

Do you provide advance?

No. We are currently not positioned to support advance. We can generate sales and earn the required funds to handle publication; and it will require us working together. Once we accept the project, we can assure that kind of resource commitment.

How long does it take to get the first copy after my manuscript is submitted?

You will receive a "going to print" email after rounds of edits and amendments. That point onward, it may take anything between 2 to 8 weeks.

I am conceptualizing a high-impact book. Can you help me get started?

You can send to us the questions and hurdles you are facing. We will address it as methodically as possible. Most questions have been answered in our dedicated forum for the Online Program - Making Of An Author.