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  • Addwit Money Matters (hardcover) PRELAUNCH ORDERS


    Cordial, clear conversations about everything that kept us confused and indecisive about money, wealth and prosperity

    Expected arrival on your doorstep – before Deepawali 2021

    Language: Plain English (Hindi version Addwit Dhan Upanishad अद्वित धन उपनिषद् also expected to be released by end of year 2021)

    Binding: Hardcover

    Pages: 600+ (under development)

    Interests: Money, Finance, Financial Literacy, Prosperity, Atmnirbharata (Self-reliance)

    Ideal for: Young couples, Youth, Entrepreneurs, Business families, Startup founders, Mentoring professionals

    • 300+ discussions* | 600+ pages* | 200+ illustrations* (* book under development, numbers will change, towards the higher side). 
    • Expected arrival to your doorstep – before Deepavali 2021 (4 November) 
    • Pre Launch booking only on Addwit
    • Post launch price will be higher
    • Never before shared techniques and psychology with money
    • Does NOT recommend insanely chasing money; yet, organically transcending towards prosperity and atminrbharata
    • Offers a complete framework for personal finance, business finance and investing
    • Product of Addwit Money Matters daily video magazine
  • अद्वित व्यवसाय उपनिषद्


    Language: Hindi (work in progress for English translation)

    Binding: Hardcover

    Pages: 526

    Interests: Small Business, Aatmnirbharata, Culture, Spirituality, Parenting, Mentoring

    NOTE: 1. Expected dispatch date – 10 Oct 2021. 2. To buy multiple copies, click here

    Ideal for: Business Owner families, Mentors and teachers for family-owned business programs, Researchers in area of small business Small Business sector officials and policy-makers

    • व्यवसाई परिवार के लिए उत्कृष्ट (प्रीमियम) मार्गदर्शन – व्यवसायी और उद्यमी – रुकें नहीं; थके नहीं
    • आज के समय के अनुसार – व्यवसाय उपनिषद् – धर्म के नियम बंधन में रहते हुए भी उद्यमिता के माध्यम से सामाजिक उत्तरदायित्व कैसे पूरा करें
    • सरल हिंदी में, 180+ चित्रण के साथ

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    Raising It Like A Child – 10 Blunders Startup Owners Should Avoid (Pack of 5)


    Language: English

    Binding: Paperback

    Pages: 92

    Interests: Start-up Student start-up

    Ideal for: Start-up founders, Start-up Mentors, Entrepreneurship Professors

    • This book is an easy, two-hour reading
    • Outlines ten most common hurdles start-up owners face, and how to think through these hurdles
    • Very engaging style where you, the reader asks questions and steers the conversation
    Related Workshop / Magazine or Program: 10 Mistakes to Avoid – Startup Founders basics (Request for proposal by email to or call +91 8433 560 250)
  • हिंदी भाषा-शुद्धि शब्दावली

    • List of 800+ Urdu/Arabic/Persian words that have entered normal Hindi

    • Easy, appropriate  and effective Hindi words substitutions

    • Discover the pride and self-respect of Matrubhasha once again

    • Ideal material for home, education and non-profits; for parents, teachers, media, government officials, social workers, writers, etc.

    • Pack of three – hold one, gift away two

    • FREE shipping for first 200 orders. (Apply coupon FREE while check-out)

    • Expected dispatch date – 20 Sept. 2021

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    The 4Q Career Management Strategy


    Currently being made available for reviewers at special low price. 

    Language: English

    Binding: Paperback

    Pages: 376

    Interests: Career, Employability, First-time career enthusiasts, Soft-skills, Employability Research

    Ideal for: Students of pre-college, grade X-XI-XII, graduation/under-graduation and post-graduate programs, career-skills trainers, soft-skill trainers, researchers in area of employability, education policy makers, Curriculum designers for placement purposes

    • Most updated book that provides a framework for education to employment gap.
    • Very useful for personal reading and application; as well as Institutional syllabus
    • About 70 cases / quick-picks, 140+ activities / do-it-yourself
    • (New edition under the title – Career & Employability Strategy with 4Q Framework)
    Related Workshop / Magazine or Program: 4Q PEER TRAINER PROGRAM that can save three years of career struggle (Request for proposal by email to or call +91 8433 560 250)
  • When They Learn; When They Don’t


    Language: English

    Format: eBook (Full version of 160-page book in hard cover by bulk orders only)

    Pages: 32 (Concise version)

    Interests: Learning, L&D, Training, Mentoring, Employee Engagement, Parenting

    Ideal for: School Trustees, Principals and Teachers, L&D Directors, Parents, Education Ministers

    • How learning actually happens?
    • At the least, it does not (NOT) happen the way we design it; because, if it did this way, then we could predict the “LEARNING OUTCOME with 100% accuracy.
    • This quick, thrilling book shares the “learning’ as it actually happens.
    • Hard Cover | Ideal for Elite, Social, Corporate & Educational Gifting
    Note: Always sent as a personalized copy within 24 hours after the order
  • Learn Money, Adventure with Money, Lead Meaningful Life


    Learn Money, Adventure with Money, Lead Meaningful Life – a 20-minute reading to get the young couples and the youth to start thinking about money matters on priority. It is based on series of video sessions that we are putting together on Addwit Money Matters – the video magazine by annual subscription.

    This books is always sent as a ‘personalized copy’ by email.

  • Two Separate Worlds


    Two Separate Worlds – Comprehension Is Karmic

    This eBook delves in this question – Why will some people need another lifetime; the reincarnation, to come on the same page