Strategic Initiatives

Engaging and developing people requires strategic initiatives based on deep analysis + synchronised execution.

Working with clients of all kinds, many independent and customised programs have been developed so far.

  • Featured Programs - Programs and initiatives suitable to make a beginning.
  • All Programs - All solutions and programs developed so far for various clients. Many of these Programs are available as independent program for individual visitors also.

There are many Programs in production pipeline; including quite a few for Vocational Training and Civic & Cultural Education.


Starter Pack

FREE! Three sessions to overview Addwit Framework and Platform for Community Development. Highly recommended if you lead a community, institution or family.

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INR 4900

Inheriting Legacy

This program is designed exclusively for hand-holding the Business Owners who have inherited business now for second / third generation. 

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Addwit Radio

Your own FREE 10-day subscription for new thoughts, new perspectives, new solutions - based on conversation with talented, ambitious friends like you who are making their way through the nitty-gritty of life, career, business and family - carefully preserving their aspirations. You just cannot miss what others already know.

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INR 9900

Addwit Daily

Addwit Daily Program is one-stop solution for all the skills and insights young colleagues need for career, business, parenting, money and Work-Life balance. This program gives you access to ALL other programs we have on Addwit in addition to 700+ mentoring sessions streamed one / day over two years. Ideal for Institutions, Schools, Cooperative Housing, Employee Engagement Programs and Social Sector Projects

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