Addwit Code of Ethics

For all

  1. To establish and maintain a public confidence in the professionalism, honesty, ability and integrity and mutual respect – the qualities fundamental to the Addwit Learning Certification Program
  2. They have clearly understood the Principles and Best Practices for Non-formal Learning and Culture Development for which the Addwit System has been created.
  3. To preserve fundamental nature of Addwit programs, which is, (1) developmental, (2) non-political, (3) non-religious, (4) non-racial and (5) gender-neutral.

Additional COE for Consultants / Mentors / Counsellors / Fellows

All the Consultants / Mentors / Counsellors / Fellows of Addwit are bound under the Oath of Ethical Conduct regardless of of their location, belief system, age, gender or nationality.

  1. A Consultants / Mentors / Counsellors / Fellows supports those who desire to learn various skills, and while doing so, respects circumstances and preferences unique for each person, respects each and every culture and language, and will take extra care not to make any comment political or personal in nature regarding any individual’s / institution’s belief and language.
  2. A Consultants / Mentors / Counsellors / Fellows is dedicated individual and subscribes to this Professional Pledge:
  • I pledge myself to integrity, to pursue my own profession and to remain perpetual learner myself so as to render best guidance to my protégé / client 
  • I pledge myself to seek equitable, honorable and cooperative association with other Consultants / Mentors / Counsellors / Fellows who may become part of my career within ‘Addwit’.
  • I pledge myself to comply with standards of Addwit as set forth in its Bylaws, and this Code of Ethics.
  1. Each Consultants / Mentors / Counsellors / Fellows (collectively referred as “Mentor” below) is expected to observe the following Articles in words and spirit:
  • Article 1: The Mentor shall accurately represent qualification and experience in both written and oral communication
  • Article 2: The Mentor will be professional so as not to offend or discredit other Mentors / other schools of thoughts and practices.
  • Article 3: he Mentor shall exert diligence to understand the Protégé’s environment, approach and goals in advance to mentoring.
  • Article 4: The Mentor shall avoid using without proper written/verbal permission, any materials, titles, patented/copyrighted material, thematic creations originated by others.
  • Article 5 The Mentor shall treat the Protégé, client, and other Mentors with professional courtesy, dignity and respect.
  • Article 6: The Mentor shall maintain and respect the confidentiality of business and personal affairs of protégé, and clients shared in the process of mentoring.
  • Article 7: The Mentor shall protect the public against any unfair practice with regards to contents of the Addwit Induction.
  • Article 8: The Mentor shall not be a party to any agreement to unfairly limit or restrain the access of self / other Mentors based upon economic factors, race, creed, color, sex, age disability or origin.

Violation of COE

Violation of the obligations of the Codes will be determined in accordance to the Bylaws, policies and procedures of Addwit. Disciplinary Action may be instituted by Addwit in accordance with Bylaws, Rules and Regulations established by Addwit, and any such Action will be final and binding upon the Program Beneficiaries / Consultants / Mentors / Counsellors / Fellows and without recourse to Addwit, its officers, or staff.

Please also refer to other user policies

Updated on 16 October 2018