DEMO – Premium Testing Services

Managing School tests and exams with G Form? What you will NOT be able to accomplish –

  1. Parents’ Satisfaction – G Form kind of services are not really designed for handling tests and exams. Data management and lack of automation exposes school’s image.
  2. Reputation – When the schools uses a FREE service, they – parents – silently question the rationale for school fee.
  3. User Experience and Sanctity of Assessment – Online tests cannot be 100% monitored, yet, there are elements that G Form just cannot. For example – can we control how much time is allotted for the test using G Form? No.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you list the features quickly?

Yes. Here is a quick list; expect more as we go ahead –

  • Question Type – Administer almost any type of testing – single choice, multiple choice, fill-blanks, paragraph response, media-based questions, match-two-sides, arrange-in-sequence, etc.
  • Log-in – Each participant will have own username and password, and her / his dashboard, and profile photo via Gravatar.
  • Test Scheduling – Can publish test on specific date / time
  • Timing Control – Once student starts test, s/he will have X minutes to finish the test – 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, whatever we set it up.
  • Randomization – Randomization for both the questions as well as the options within questions. minimizes chances of cheating – Question 6 option “c” could be at question 8 option “b” for another student.
  • Re-take Permissions
  • Automatically award E-certificate – for those who score X% and above.
  • Instant Feedback – Participants get custom feedback – separately when they submit right answer and wrong answer.
  • Email Notification – To alert students X days before starting test, email with their test performance, etc.

Will you provide the questions?

No. Your school has to provide. It is your show.

How can we start?

We will e-sign a quick mutual confidentiality-cum-administrative MoU. it will not take more than 30 minutes.

How do we handle payments?

Easy! Online payments accepted via Net-banking UPI etc.

Can you please give convincing reason to consider this option?

A detailed feature comparison and test drive is available. The system has been created keeping on mind the school owners and administrations key concerns – school image and system efficacy on top priority. Following are the kind of questions that have gone into mailing this system –

  • What kind of questions can be handled?
  • Can students take the test together?
  • Is time for test / exam controllable?
  • Can a countdown timer be made available to students?
  • What language the test can be in?
  • Can I use media in the question?
  • Will the system award the marks automatically?
  • Will the system give feedback to students automatically?
  • Can a student bluff the system?
  • Can students use Google to find answers?
  • Can we issue a certificate of attempt or score?
  • Where do the responses get deposited? Can students edit the question?

Premium, yet reasonable! Built by the teacher; for the teachers.

Please call +91 8433 560 250 for demonstration, feature comparison and pricing.