Test-drive The Testing System

The feature-rich assessment system on Addwit lets you conduct tests, exams, quiz, challenge test, etc in most customized manner. All the features that you may need include –

  • Timing management – Allot the time duration – 20 min. / 60 min / 3 hr. or whatever you need; with the countdown time on the participant screen
  • Release date – On what date / time the test should be released
  • Question types – Fill in the blanks / select multiple / select one / match the columns / free writing paragraphs etc.
  • Use of media – use of audio / video / images in the question
  • Distraction free – no other content on the screen
  • Randomizing / Reordering questions / answers – controls cheating
  • Number of takes – how many attempts can a participant take: only once / permit repeats / how many repeats allowed
  • Pre-requisite score – allow only participants having X score already
  • Feedback to right and wrong responses – immediately after each question submitted OR after the entire set has been submitted, or no feedback
  • System-assessed or manual assessment – depending on the question type
  • Qualifying score for award of certification
  • Custom design for certification with institution logo, signatures etc. (to be provided as per specifics)
  • Participation charges and fee collection for paid tests.
  • Score display, certificate download and profile editing facility on the participants dashboard
  • Leaderboard – Graphical display of how a participant is doing in comparison to other participants
  • Moderator / Group Leader – Assigning role of examiner / moderator / group leader to one / few specific users

Take a test-drive with Addwit Testing System

Few of the basic features are demonstrated in this sample test. Certain features are available on the tests meant for registered users’ hence do not show up here.