With the pandemic easing in, we are happy to announce reopening of off-line training partnerships.

Ask not what happens if we train people and they leave. Ask; what happens if we DO NOT train them, and they stay in.

– Zig Ziglar

All that you’ll look for in L&D partner

We know L&D inside out


  • TNA & modules to integrate training with organization goals; few examples listed below
  • Train & engage with scattered field staff; Languages we can manage – English & Hindi
  • Elevate to Knowledge Management strategy


  • Offline training for the added human touch
  • For online training, use Addwit Platform, or independent platform
  • Print & Video publication; Publishing in-house magazine


  • Time-bound L&D, Compliance Programs
  • Working with Effectiveness Measurement Rubric
  • ROI approach for L&D function

Modules-Client Matrix (Examples)

Example ModuleCorporateSMBEducationNon-profitGovernmentResidential
Introductory Session: Tailoring Addwit Training System for Your OrganizationYesYesYesYesYesYes
Employability & Career management with 4Q FrameworkYes YesYesYes 
Learn Effective Addwit Dhyaan in 2 hours  Yes   Yes YesYes  Yes Yes
Management of Family Finances / For StudentsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Ownership For Family Business with the Eastern Basics YesYesYes  
Fundamentals for Atmnirbharata YesYesYesYesYes
Re-imagining Cooperative Enterprises Yes Yes Yes
Education Beyond NEP: How We Learn Anything  YesYes  
From Employee Engagement to Employee happinessYesYes    
The Addwit® Vaibhav Sadhana (Off-line Mode)   Yes Yes
Nuts & Bolts of Spirituality & Ethics for WorkplaceYesYes  Yes 
Introduction to the Addwit® Framework for Community Development   YesYesYes
Startup Incubation 101: Up To Respectable Market Share  Yes   
Parenting Strategies for Working CoupleYes  Yes Yes
Research for an unstructured Social / Business problemYes YesYes  
Becoming A Published Author  Yes   
Reach-out: Digital Strategies with Human TouchYesYesYesYes  
English Skills (Expression Builder Program) Yes Yes Yes
Customized FDP / MDPYesYesYesYesYes 

Frequently Asked Questions

Arvind Agrawal has 15+ years of teaching and training experience. He has published more than half-a-dozen books. He is social entrepreneur, a PhD and MBA. Download detailed profile with list of links.

For our Confidentiality & Ethics Code, we avoid publishing logos and detailed profiles of clients whom we have served so far. An indicative list is here –

  • At least 15 big brands in warehousing and logistics, micro-finance, consumer retails, banking, and hospitality sectors: including Adani, Bajaj, Reliance, Jindal and alike
  • At least 45 institutions providing schooling, UG and PG programs all over India / abroad
  • At least 20 projects executed in collaboration with non-profit sector organizations

We have high respect for SMB and non-profit organizations working locally on ground level. We have rich experience of collaborating with such organizations for nearly 20 years.

Please get in touch with us in complete confidence; and together we will design one such project that will be win-win-win for all – you, the local community and Addwit.

Sure. We do.

Yes, in such cases we can use Addwit online training system, or an independent training system, depending on budget availability. We can help in both the cases.

This is a good question. Training is designed for the individual. KM as a system creates a culture; KM designs and monitors enterprise-wide ‘flow’ of knowledge. We can talk specifics in your case, about the steps required in this direction.

Please send an email to care@addwit.org OR call/WhatsApp on +91 8433 560 250 OR send to us your quick contacts through the form below so that we can reach out

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